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In order to minimize the potential risks of biological effects associated with cell phone radiation, exposure limits and guidelines have been established. Even though there are exposure limits and administrative control levels, we strive to keep our radiation exposure well below these levels.

The SCP System uses “the ALARA approach” and associated practices of safe cell phone usage to further reduce risks to cell phone users by keeping exposure well below the SAR limits.

What is ALARA?

 As Low As Reasonably Achievable
Lets take a closer look!
What is “Reasonable” ?

The ALARA concept itself grows out of our assumption that any cell phone radiation exposure carries with it some risk. Since living a modern lifestyle entails radiation exposure is sometimes part of some beneficial endeavor, the ALARA effort is related to balancing the assumed risks of radiation exposure against the benefit of performing the task. So “reasonable” in this context means that the risk from receiving the exposure is “worth” the net benefit of the activity. An extension of this philosophy would be the statement that “There should not be any exposure if technically possible to avoid it!  In other words, ALARA means preventing unnecessary exposure as well as overexposure.

RF Safe’s SCP (Safe Cell Phone) System

Everybody knows that operating a motor vehicle safely requires more than just fastening a seat belt; it entails many safety precautions!  What is not commonly known is Safe Cellular Phone usage is also a System of precautions. In RF Safe’s SCP Systems we only use scientifically proven ways of both radiation and driver safety to protect you!

The SCP System provide your family with maximum protection from rf radiation and driving hazards. Be RF Safe To Be Sure!

Our (Safe Cell Phone) SCP System Addresses Cell Phone Hazards From
1- RF Radiation emissions emitting from the cell phones body or handset itself!

2- RF Radiation emissions emitting from a cell phones factory antenna system!

3-RF Radiation emissions emitting from a cell phone & Headset wire!
(Hands Free Location)

4- Driving Distractions & RF Exposure when driving!

Warning – Cell Phone Location When using a Shielded Headset, radiation remains at your phone instead of partially being transferred through the headset wire to your brain. For your safety, when the phone is held near the body always use approved radiation shielding between you and the cell phone handset itself!