Consumer Alert: These Cell Phone Cases Increase Radiation

Safesleeve’s case and DefenderShield’s case, combined with both company’s lust for profits is driving an arrogant culture that endangers lives just to sell added accessories that attach to their cases. Safesleeves/ DefenderShield’s detachable anti-radiation case is a very dangerous phone case design that WILL interfere with the antenna due to conductive material being used inside […]

Radiation Disparities and the Nuremberg Code: Revisiting Tech Ethics with the iPhone 12

Implications of the Nuremberg Code and the Inherent Duties of Tech Corporations Good afternoon, students. Today, we delve deep into an issue that has sparked considerable debate in the tech industry and underscores the intricate interplay between ethics, health, and technology. Ethical Considerations: Beyond the technical and health aspects, there’s a pressing ethical dilemma. In […]

The iPhone 12 Radiation Dilemma: Delving Deep into Ethics, Health, and Global Implications

Unraveling the Radiation Debate The world recently pivoted its attention to France as regulators clamped down on the iPhone 12 due to radiation concerns, prompting Apple to release a software update to lower radiation levels – but just for its French users. This action by a tech giant, considered emblematic of innovation and quality, is […]

The French iPhone 12 radiation incident and Apple’s subsequent response and Nuremberg Code

The French iPhone 12 radiation incident and Apple’s subsequent response have undoubtedly ignited a flurry of discussions not just about technological standards but more profoundly, about global ethics, health considerations, and the intricate relationship between corporations, regulatory bodies, and consumers. Here’s a breakdown: Radiation Awareness: One of the crucial takeaways from this incident is the […]

Exposed: The Dark Side of Detachable Anti-Radiation Phone Cases

The Dangerous Truth About Detachable Anti-Radiation Phone Cases Detachable Phone Radiation Case Designs Are NOT RF Safe Approved! Which Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Radiation Shields Really Work? This post is directed to the online marketers selling EMF safety products with links to Amazon, it is important to promote products that are safe and beneficial for your […]

iPhone 12 Radiation Scare: The Science Steering a Global Health Concern

In a world where technology has become virtually inseparable from daily life, a sudden upheaval has jolted the globe as health officials in the US and several European nations scrutinize the radiation emission levels of the iPhone 12, a device once ubiquitous in pockets and hands across continents. A potential health crisis looms in the […]