It’s an all too familiar: children, some as young as 5 yrs old, spending an exorbitant amount of time being exposed to cell phone radiation. What may not be as familiar, and therefore go unnoticed, is the sight of children who are suffering and sick from cancer, specifically brain cancer. Australia has noticed and is very concerned about the connection between these two trends. Through the federal government health watchdog, Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), Australia has issued a warning. Of which speaks volumes about the safety of your children when exposed to cell phone radiation.

In a “cell phone radiation fact sheet” distributed to parents interested in purchasing a cell phone which may be used by their children, the consumer watchdog group has put out a warning in regards to children and mobile phone radiation. Or more importantly, children and the very real health hazards from cell phone radiation.

How many kids does this really affect?
As many as 25 percent of 9 year olds living in and 3 out of 4 teenagers attending high school have regular access to a cell phone. The issued cell phone warning recommends that parents assist their children in limiting their exposure to the radiation that’s emitted from cell phones. The federal organization bases this on the shocking research surrounding children’s health and cell phone use.

Existing research is inadequate to outright ban the use of cell phone for young children. Nevertheless, available research is enough to warrant grave concerns from those who care about their children’s health, now and in the future. One such concerned person is director of the Center for Family and Community Health at Berkeley’s School of Public Health and he believes scientific studies have shown enough of an association between cell phone radiation exposure and an increase in cancer. Further research must be pursued.

The European Community’s Seventh Framework Program couldn’t agree more on the issue of cell phone hazards. The research organization funded the MOBI-KIDs project. MOBI-KIDS according to their website, It ss an international case-control study which aims to assess the potential associations between use of communication devices and other environmental risk factors as it relates to brain tumors in young people. For those that don’t want to use their children as guinea pigs for a cell phone radiation study, RF Safe recommends you limit the use your children use a cell phone, and use the best proven cell phone radiation protection. Simply solutions to greatly reduce your child’s exposure to cell phone radiation 1) teach them to use an RF Safe Air tube headset, and 2) A cell phone radiation pocket shield! It’s better to be RF Safe now, than sorry later!