RF Cell Phone Headset Radiation ExposureSafe WireGuards fit any personal Hands Free (P.H.F.) headsets.

Legislation for laws requiring Hands Free cell phone usage are going in effect all over the USA! Ironically, it has been proven headsets often increase radiation exposure when not shielded or used properly.

A common misconception in the late 90’s was that Headsets were hailed as one of the best ways to reduce overall cranial exposure to cell phone emissions by greatly increasing the distance between the phone and headset.    

In 1998, RF Safe published scientific data supporting headsets increased RF Radiation Hazards greatly – especially with regards to fetal development because of relocation of the handset and wave-guide effects to the ear piece.

Then in 2000 there were worldwide concerns over the effectiveness of a headsets ability to greatly reduce cranial field intensity by accredited studies. The reason for this was that under certain configurations the headset wire could act as an antenna and transmission line to channel significant emissions directly into the ear and along the body which increases RF Radiation hazards.

The British Independent Group on Mobile Phones suggested headsets  would be an ideal solution if they were used with filters to stop the headset wire from acting as an effective antenna.                                              

This is exactly what RF Safe WireGuards are; it is a simple clip on Ferrite filter for maximum radiation reduction. A headset using an RF Safe WireGuard typically emits only 2-5% of the radiant microwave energy at the earpiece that an ordinary headset device would emit, so like sun block it offers a precautionary option to reduce microwave exposure and RF Radiation Hazards.

Additional RF Safety measures can be taken, such as using a wired headset utilizing RF Safe earbud shields or most recommended is using an RF Safe Air-Tube headset with a ferrite.

Air-Tube Designs further reduce cranial exposure, the RF Safe Air Tube headset incorporates an acoustic exchange principle like a doctors stethoscope to eliminate using a wire all the way to a headsets earpiece; this extra distance truly allows RF to drop off at the square of distance.

Earbud shields are made of a thin fabric specially treated to deflect RF radiation, simply install one 5/8 O.D Earbud shield under the headsets foam earpiece cover, at this point the ear canal is sealed off from RF entering it.

NOTE: EarBud shields are not needed if using an Air-Tube headset!