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My Daughter In Heaven, Angel Leigh Coates (A Tragedy of EMF’s)

 Angel Leigh Coates 1995-1995   Archived text and images from the first post on website 1998 First of all, I must express my thank you for visiting RF Safe.  Every hit this site receives makes our mission that much stronger! “The preservation of life and well-being for all humanity.” John’s Dedication “ was formed […]

Cell Phones Should Carry A Health Warning

Why I Believe That All Cell Phones Should Carry A Health Warning Daily Mail By: Roger Coghill July 17, 1998 ROGER COGHILL is a graduate of Cambridge University, with an MA from the University of Wales, whose independent research laboratory specializes in Bioelectro magnetics. He is a member of the Standards Coordinating Committee of the […]

Smartphones radiation Can Affect Memory

Smartphones ‘Can Affect Memory’ Associated Newspapers Ltd. Journalist: Nick Pryer July 16, 1998 Mobile phones can cause sudden confusion and short-term memory loss, according to worrying research by British military scientists. Signals from the phones disrupt part of the brain which controls memory and learning, researchers at the Defense Establishment Research Agency have discovered. Their […]