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RF Safe’s Position On Wireless Products & Methodologies For Cell Phone Radiation Safety!

RF Safe’s Position On Wireless Products & Methodologies For Cell Phone Safety! There are a growing number of products coming onto the market, that make statements which claim to offer protection from mobile phone radiation/emissions and simply DO NOT WORK! Only trust RF Safe for cell phone safety accessories that work! Start RF Safe’s Video Intro […]

Cell phone radiation can cause DNA damage!

Since there are so many areas to research even within this arena, this page will be limited to weakly intense electromagnetic radiation that the general population is exposed to commonly. This obviously leads into topics like cellular phone use and more subtle affects of radiation to Genetic Material! “The question Is not” If cell phone […]

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is not an adequate measure to protect health

SAR tests allow an industry to set  theoretically acceptable human body radiation absorption simulations.  SAR Test only measure temperature (thermal) increases, rather than a cell phone’s actual microwave radiation emissions a user is exposed to.  To date, the effects of cell phone radiation upon cells and biological mechanisms in the body are being debated worldwide, as […]

Health Concern RF Classifications

What is RF? RF Hazards Intro Radiofrequency (RF) fields are oscillating electric and magnetic fields. Electric and magnetic fields interact with electrically charged particles by exerting forces upon them. If these forces cause charged or polarized particles (e.g. electrons, atoms, molecules, etc.) to move, heat energy is introduced. This heat energy in the material may […]

Non Thermal RF Hazards

Researching Non Thermal RF Hazards Non thermal effects such as calcium ion efflux, blood/brain barrier, melatonin, alterations in EEG, etc., have been observed for low-intensity modulated radio frequency fields. The biological significance remains unclear as to exactly how biological effects resulting in adverse health effects in people. There have been a number of studies looking […]

Ionizing RF Radiation

What’s RF – Ionizing RF Radiation –  non- Ionizing RF “Ionization” is a process by which electrons are stripped from atoms and molecules. This process can produce molecular changes that can lead to damage in biological tissue, including effects on DNA,genetic material. This process requires interaction with high levels of electromagnetic energy. Those types of […]

Thermal effects of RF Radiation

Thermal effects of RF Radiation What’s RF – Ionizing RF Radiation –  Non- Ionizing RF The electric and magnetic fields produced in the body by a nearby electromagnetic source may cause both thermal and non-thermal biological effects. The effects of magnetic fields vary with frequency, and are probably greatest in biological tissue containing small amounts […]

What is RF Radiation?

The word radiation is often thought of as referring to the emanations from radioactive material and x-rays. However when scientists use the word radiation they are usually referring to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) which can be emitted from such sources as radio cell phones, TV transmissions, light from the sun as well as x-ray machines. Electromagnetic […]

Understanding Radio Frequency Wave Interference

Radio Frequency Wave Interference A natural/balanced approach for safety The below images depict Interference of visible RF  waves “light”. Cell phones use non-visible RF waves “Microwaves”.  The only difference between visible light waves and microwaves are their wavelengths. Microwaves used for cell phone communication have a much longer wavelength making them easy to control interference […]