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Unwarranted FDA KN95 Mask Restrictions Could Lead To Killing Doctors, Front-line Workers and Old!

UPDATE Donald Trump’s Administration Accepts KN95 Standard For Use! FDA eases mask regulations, seeks to boost decontamination of used masks APRIL 3, 2020 FDA changes course and allows China’s KN95 mask to be used in US (WarOnFlu) 4-01-20 On Monday the FDA approved a process to decontaminate used N95 respirators by the thousands. How many will get infected […]

WAR On Coronavirus: Human-safe Far-UVC Sterilization Project

Inside the Florida Home Taking The Fight To Virus! Human-safe Far-UVC Sterilization Project We have many well-reviewed studies that ProVE RNA viruses, like coronavirus are made inactive at 207 – 222 nm and completely safe for skin and eye exposure, just math, and a narrow band of light from an LED will do it. […]

Coronavirus COVID-19 can live on Smartphones Screens up to 4 Days

Q: Can Novel Coronavirus Live on Smartphone Screens? A: Yes, research on similar pathogens show a virus can live up to 96 hours on Smartphone screens. The novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19 is a close relative of SARS and likely, but without certainty, may have a similar lifespan on surfaces. These estimates come from data […]

207-222 nm FAR UVC Light Manufacturers of Excimer Far-UVC Light Bulbs and 219nm Far-UVC LEDs

Airborne-mediated microbial diseases such as influenza and tuberculosis represent significant public health challenges. A direct approach to prevent airborne transmission is the inactivation of airborne pathogens such as Coronavirus. The airborne antimicrobial potential of UVC ultraviolet light has long been established; however, its widespread use in public settings is limited because conventional UVC light sources […]