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Nokia Says Microsoft Must Handle Cell Phone Radiation Health Concerns

Nokia spokesperson Maija Taimi said that Microsoft has acquired mobile device business of Nokia and therefore handsets related queries should be sent to them, including those related to the biological safety of Nokia’s Smartphone devices. That’s the response reporters have received which are inquiring about Microsoft/Nokia’s selective funding of cell phone radiation exposure research. This […]

Health Effects from Cell Phones and other Wireless Devices Joel Moskowitz Part 1

Part one of a two-part radio program about the health effects from exposure to radiation from cellphones and other wireless devices. Includes safety tips and policy recommendations. Dr. Joel Moskowitz is interviewed by Tonya Mandich of the Calvary Radio Network (50 minutes total run time).   Continue To Part 2

Watchdog Stands By CellPhones Warning

Watchdog Stands By CellPhones Warning The Scotsman Journalist: Alison Gray August 09, 2000 The Consumers’ Association yesterday stood by its warning that hands-free cellphone kits can triple the level of radiation beamed into the ear.The group’s statement came as the Department of Trade and Industry published a report which said the devices produced “substantial reductions” […]

Research Into Phone Radiation Danger ‘Inadequate’

Research Into Phone Radiation Danger ‘Inadequate’ The Guardian Journalist: Nicholas Watt September 23, 1999 A cross-party committee of MPs yesterday rounded on the government for failing to carry out proper research into the possible dangers posed by mobile phones. In a report on health hazards connected with the phones, MPs on the commons science and […]

Call For More Research On Cell Phone Health Effects

Call For More Research On Cell Phone Health Effects Irish Times Journalist: Kitty Holland April 8, 1999 The chief executive of the Consumer Affairs Association has called for an independent international body to research the health effects of mobile-phone use. Mr Dermott Jewell will raise the issue at the next council meeting of the European […]

Clock Ticking On Cell Phone Health Hazards Research

Clock Ticking On Cell Phone Health Hazards Research — Wireless Industry Effort Leaves Issues Up In The Air Telecommunications Journalist: Meg Mcginity February 8, 1999 Time is running out for Wireless Technology Research (WTR). After nearly five years and $25 million worth of research into the health effects of wireless telephone service, the group-funded by […]