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RF Safe Cell Phone Radiation Shield, Ferrite Bead and Air-tube Headsets Reduce Smartphone Radiation Risk

Amid concerns raised over cell phone health hazards, RF Safe launches New Year’s Eve “National Awareness Campaign” for cell phone accessory package that shields cell phone radiation. San Francisco, CA  December 31, 2013 RF Safe, the world leaders in cell phone radiation safety have launched a national campaign on New Year’s Eve 2013 in order […]

RF Safe Reminds Parents That Radiation from Cell Phones is Possibly Carcinogenic for Children

RF Safe announces concerns over millions of children using smart phones around the world without understanding the health risk of cancer from exposure to cell phone radiation. Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) December 27, 2013 RF Safe is concerned that the general public is not aware of the potential health hazards from exposure to cell phone […]

RF Safe New Year’s Resolutions – Lower Potential Health Risk From Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

Start the New Year off healthy by taking the necessary steps to limit risk from cell phone radiation exposure. RF Safe wants cell phone users to make it their new year’s resolution to protect themselves and love-ones from potentially hazardous microwave radiation. Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) December 23, 2013 Healthy habits are on everyone’s top […]

RF Safe Sees Hyper Growth In Protection From Potential Cell Phone Radiation Hazards

An internet based company founded 18yrs ago to provide protection from dangerous non-ionizing levels of microwave radiation proves to be the leader of a growing industry.  The small company started in Aspen, Colorado focused on radio frequency radiation safety back when there were only 33 million cell phones in the USA – where today their […]

Apple Says No Radiation Awareness By Rejecting iPhone App To Measure Harmful Levels of iPhone Radiation

Having an application which monitors the radiation emitted from iPhones is something savvy consumers need to have in order to be informed about potentially harmful cell phone radiation. When you ask a salesperson at an Apple Store about the SAR ratings of their iPhones, they look at you like they’ve never heard that question/concern before. […]

RF Safe Supports Breast Cancer Awareness “No Phone Bra Zone” Cell Phone Radiation Safety

Strong anecdotal evidence of breast cancer in young women from exposure to non-ionizing levels of cell phone radiation has started a movement – The “No Phone Bra Zone”  RF Safe pledges $1 to Breast Cancer Awareness for every RF safe Pink Purse shield designed to block risk of cell phone radiation exposure. It’s unfortunate that […]

9th grade student “Cress + WiFi” experiment attracts international attention

Foreign researchers are extremely excited for a biology project from five 9th grade girls. Researchers from England, Holland and Sweden have shown great interest in the five girls’ biology experiments. Take 400 Cress seeds and place them into 12 trays. Then place six trays in two rooms at the same temperature. Give them the same […]

Parents say school cell tower is dangerous to children, cite microwave radiation

WESLEY CHAPEL (FOX 13) -Emerson Park’s emotions summed up a whole group’s feelings.”I just wanted them to vote no. Now they’re putting a bunch of kids at risk, a bunch of adults,” she said. Parents and students from Seven Oaks Elementary School in Wesley Chapel thought they could sway the school board from putting up […]

10 Studies That Cell Phone Radiation Damages Sperm

Cell Phone Radiation Damages Sperm, Studies Show Phones Carried on Belt or in Pant’s Pocket May Harm Reproductive Health Although most scientific and public attention on the issue of the safety of cell phone radiation has focused on evidence suggesting an increased risk of brain tumors (Baan 2011), a little-noticed but growing body of research […]

List of Lowest Radiation Cell Phones by Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Levels

RF Safe suggests consumers start with the lowest radiation cell phones to use with an air-tube headset and Anti-radiation case, pocket, or purse shield for the most prudent avoidance of cell phone radiation. RF SAFE SOLUTION: The SCP (Safe Cell Phone) System FCC Cellular Values: Head SAR | Body SAR | Hotspot  FCC Simultaneous: Head SAR | Body SAR | Hotspot Everyone knows that operating […]