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Brain tumor was caused by Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phones To Blame For My Tumors Man wants more than R500m and a health warning on phones Mail & Guardian Journalist: Rory Carroll December 27, 1998 A Pretoria man is suing two cellphone companies for more than R500-million because he developed a brain tumor which, he claims, was caused by his cellphone. Terry Hutchings, […]

Are We Being Told The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation?

Are We Being Told The Truth About Mobile Phones Radiation? The Sunday Times Journalists: Cherry Norton and Richard Woods December 20, 1998 Companies insist mobile phones are safe. Users suspect they cause ill-health. Now scientists say the industry is downplaying evidence of the risks. Ringing the alarm Ralph Mills first knew something was seriously wrong […]

The Study That Started It All! EMF Hazards – EMF/RF Radiation Induced Birth Defect Abnormalities in Embryos.

About RF Safe: Protecting Yourself from Radiofrequency Radiation RF Safe is an online resource dedicated to providing education and solutions to reduce exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation from wireless devices. The website was founded by John Coates in 1998, long before the widespread use of cell phones, with the aim of raising awareness about the […]