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Peel n Shield™ D-I-Y Cell Phone Radiation Shields

RF Safe, Manufacturer of Peel n Shield™ the only adhesive foam designed to shield cell phone radiation while adding extra protection for expensive wireless devices – Expands product line for do-it-yourself (DIY) cell phone radiation shields.   As the world’s only producer of consumer ready adhesive foam RF shielding materials in colored sheets, RF Safe […]

Hawaii Senator Calls for Cell Phone Radiation Warning Labels on Cell Phones

According to RF Safe, Hawaii could be first state to require by law that consumers are made aware of potentially dangerous cell phone radiation emissions from wireless devices with cell phone radiation warning labels. According to RF Safe, Hawaii could be first state to require by law that consumers are made aware of potentially dangerous […]

RF Safe Announces Peel n Shield™ Cell Phone Radiation Shielding

Adhesive Flexible Foam for D-I-Y Protection from RF Radiation Health Hazards. At only 2mm thick, RF Safe’s Peel n Shield™ colored foam lined with silver plated RF shielding fabric is forever changing the way consumers protect themselves from cell phone radiation. RF Safe, a world leader in providing ways for consumers to reduce potential hazards […]

RF Safe to Seth Rogen – Cell Phone Radiation – Alzheimer’s Ounce of Prevention With Air-tube Headsets

  According to RF Safe, Seth Rogen did not inform the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on concerns that cell phone radiation ‘may trigger premature early-onset Alzheimer’s’ in millions of people because of the adoption of wireless technologies by a much younger age group today. We can see reduced brain reserve capacity, meaning those who might normally […]

Pure Propaganda | Cell Phone Radiation War Game: No Cancer Risk – Their Money, Your Life

It’s a Zombie thriller but no video game. RF Safe clams that war-gaming real investigative research into proven health effects from cell phone radiation, such as brain tumors and DNA damage, protects enormous cash flows to Governments and Corporations. According to RF Safe, figuratively speaking, its deep inside the front-lines of a covert war , […]

Ferrite Beads Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Health Hazards From Wired Hands-free Headsets

RF Safe has a simple clip-on device under $4.00 to reduce cell phone radiation from wired headsets that help people safely comply with laws in most states in America which require a headset or other hands-free device while driving and talking on a phone. RF Safe has posted on its website a list of states […]

Brain Tumors – Does Cell Phone Radiation Cause Brain Cancer?

Brain Tumors are now the leading cancer that causes death in children and the rate adults are getting brain tumors on the same side of the head as their mobile is held now has many questioning cell phone radiation safety. Could cell phone radiation from towers, wifi and wireless hand-held devices be responsible for a […]

States that require hands free headset: Cell Phone Driving Laws by State

Legislation for laws requiring Hands Free cell phone usage are in effect all over the USA. Ironically, it has been proven wired hands-free headsets often increase radiation exposure when not shielding microwave radiation from traveling up the headsets wire going to the ear bud.   Learn More Here: Cell Phone Radiation Exposure Can Increase When Using […]

Stylish iPhone and Samsung Flip Cases That Shield Harmful Cell Phone Radiation

RF Safe is teaming up with a global OEM phone case manufacture to mass produce incorporating cell phone radiation protection into the latest Smartphone flip cover cell phone case styles Palo Alto, California (PRWEB) February 10, 2014 The lasting effects of cell phone radiation on our bodies is still unclear. Scientific studies and anecdotal evidence […]

New Smartphone Accessories Disconnect Cancer Risk by Lowering Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

The second volume of a report that detailed the “history of technologies later found to be harmful”, has sparked discussion over the possibility that mobile phones have cancer-causing radiation. The European Environment Agency’s Late Lessons From Early Warnings was first published in 2001. The 750-page second edition, published in January, discusses an increased risk of […]