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Research on cell phone radiation safety

The Action Moves To Europe Microwave News February, 1999 The U.S. government is getting ready to bury the EMF issue (see p.7)—at the same time that the European Parliament is discussing prudent avoidance measures like ALARA (see p.1). The European Union is also likely to fund important studies on cellular phone safety – studies that […]

Clock Ticking On Cell Phone Health Hazards Research

Clock Ticking On Cell Phone Health Hazards Research — Wireless Industry Effort Leaves Issues Up In The Air Telecommunications Journalist: Meg Mcginity February 8, 1999 Time is running out for Wireless Technology Research (WTR). After nearly five years and $25 million worth of research into the health effects of wireless telephone service, the group-funded by […]

Canada Probes Cell Phone Radiation Dangers

Health Canada Probes Cell phone radiation Dangers – Suspicion Of Ill Effects Refuses To Go Away The Ottawa Citizen Journalist: Jim Bronskill February 1, 1999 The federal Health Department is probing recent reports that link cellular phone use to headaches, memory loss and adverse drug reactions. The department’s radiation protection bureau plans a series of […]