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Health Effects from Cell Phones and other Wireless Devices Joel Moskowitz Part 2

Part two of a two-part radio program about the health effects from exposure to radiation from cellphones and other wireless devices. Includes safety tips and policy recommendations. Dr. Joel Moskowitz is interviewed by Tonya Mandich of the Calvary Radio Network (50 minutes total run time). Click here for Part 1

RF Radiation Safe Air Tube Headset RF Safe Headset

The RF Safe Air Tube Headset with air tube acoustic technology keeps potentially harmful radiation away from your head. The Safest Headset In The World! Next Generation RF Safe Air Tube Headsets Ear Bud The RF Safe Air Tube headset was developed with air tube acoustic technology to keep potentially harmful radiation away from your […]

New phone radiation study increased brain tumor risk for children

A shocking new cell phone radiation study conducted on adolescents and their cell phone usage asks the question, “Are children at increased risk of brain tumors already?” The conclusion of the study is even more shocking than the question because it implicates all children who use cell phones. Almost 3,000 children a year in the […]

The evidence on cell phone hazards

Cell phone health hazards – Updated Hobart, Tas – Since 2011, when the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified cell phone radiation as a possible human carcinogen, a number of important developments that strengthens the IARC ruling have recently occurred. These developments strongly suggest that it is now time to issue public health […]

There is No Safe Cell Phone SAR Specific Absorption Rate

More RF Models Dial SAR For Cancer THE FCC GUIDELINE “SAR” MAY BE THE BIGGEST SCAM OF ALL! “NO” SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) RATING Can Be Called Safe!  To Do So Is Bad Science, Bad Judgment & Recklessly Endangering Lives!  Cell Phone SAR [About SAR] SAR tests allow an industry to set theoretically acceptable human body radiation absorption simulations. Cell Phone […]

Brain Damage

Brain Damage Red Herring Journalist: Niall McKay October, 2000 That driver with the cell phone may not be paying attention – or maybe it’s a tumor. Since the first yuppies held brick-size cell phones to their ears, the question has loomed. Do cell phones cause brain damage to the 200 million people who use them? […]

Are We Lab Rats For The Cell Phone Industry?

Are We Lab Rats For The Cell Phone Industry? EWeek Journalist: Maria Seminerio August 18, 2000 The next time you use your cell phone — and if you’re like most business people you see riding planes, trains and automobiles lately, you’ll probably start dialing any second now — think about this: There have been some […]

Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer ?

Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer ? IEEE Spectrum By Kenneth R. Foster, University of Pennsylvania & John E. Moulder, Medical College of Wisconsin August, 2000 A driver using a wireless telephone might be worried about having an accident, even while being reassured that if one were to happen, he or she could call for help. […]

Cell Phone Health Studies Continue

Cell Phone Health Studies Continue Medill News Service Journalist: Katherine Hunt August 11, 2000 It’s too soon to say whether radio frequency emissions from cellular phones cause adverse health effects, including brain cancer, say scientists at a recent Food and Drug Association conference. “The scientific community is in agreement that [prior] research [shows cell phones] […]

Mobile Phone Safety Leaves Experts Divided

Mobile Phone Safety Leaves Experts Divided The Guardian Journalist: James Meek August 09, 2000 The Consumers’ Association yesterday accused the government of having used the wrong tests to assess the safety of hands-6.00 kits for mobile phones, saying the association stood by its claim that the devices failed to protect users against radiation. A government […]