Monthly Archives: September 2015

Wall Street Journal Reports On Berkeley Cell Phone Radiation Ordinance

Berkeley’s Cell Phone Ordinance If you haven’t already heard Berkeley, California is in court defending it’s unanimous decision 0-9 which passed an ordinance warning cell phone users that wireless radiation from smartphones, in a pocket or bra, could be very harmful to them, and potentially more harmful to our children as many studies have suggested. Of […]

Motorcycle Crash: Safety Gear Destroyed – RF Safe Case Left Phone Unscathed!

Is the RF Safe Case more than just radiation protection? Ask Jose McKinney, who was traveling on his motorcycle on a Saturday morning. When he lost control, “I originally bought this case to save it from some minor falls and save me from the radiation”. Jose was more than thrilled with the durability of the […]

RF Safe Parenting 101

RF  Safe preparing you for the zombie cell phone apocalypse of the 20th Century. 20 years of research lead to the making of the BEST RF Protection on the market. Are you RF Safe?   As a mother I always want to know everything that could be harmful to my child and how to protect […]

Why Would Ants Keep Safe Circular Distance From iPhone? Yet You Don’t?

Doctor Provides Scientific Explanation: Why Would Ants Circle Man’s iPhone – Implicates Radiation Warning – See Video Below To cut to the chase, the viral video was faked. However, it can’t change the fact that cell phone radiation does change an ants movement and behavior patterns.  To the point it nearly parallelizes ants caught directly […]