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RF Safe’s SAR Checker

  Check SAR Levels Of Your Cell Phone!   Enter FCC ID: RF Safe is always trying to provide you with information you need, and we always want to make sure we have research that is tailored to everyone’s needs when it comes to cell phone radiation. Overall we started this site to be used […]

Cell Phone Radiation Awareness Campaign: Oman Case Study

Cell Phone Radiation Awareness Campaign: Oman Case Study Osmen & Saar. Awareness Campaign Against Cell Phone Radiation Hazard: Case Study Oman. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences. 9 October 2015, 9: 381-386. The fast spread of mobile phone usage is a subject of several polemics in terms of adverse health effect such as cancers, headaches […]

Study Claims SMARTPHONE (HEV) May Damage Your Skin More Than Sun Burn

Could your smartphone or tablet give you SKIN CANCER? Screens ‘reflect UV rays and may indirectly trigger the disease’ Experiments performed using a mannequin wearing a UV sensor Scientists placed various devices on a music stand for an hour in sunlight An iPad2 increased UV exposure by 85%, and an 11-inch Macbook by 75% An […]