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Learn Why You Should and How You Can Reduce Cellphone Radiation Risk for Children

The latest cell phone radiation safety news covered By June Fakkert, Epoch Times NEW YORK—Scientists don’t all agree about how much electromagnetic radiation risks cellphones and other devices pose to fetuses and young children, but governments, health organizations, and insurance companies are advocating precautions. The rapid development of a baby in the womb is a […]

Cell Phone Warning For Pregnant Women

Cell Phone Warning For Pregnant Women PREGNANT women who use mobile phones could be damaging their unborn babies, according to scientific research to be published later this year. Scientists are aware that cell phones emit microwaves that can raise the temperature of the human brain. But the research, by French scientists at the University of […]

Does CTIA Outsource Cell Phone Radiation Health Risk Propaganda to COAI Cellular Operators Association of India?

Lets look at the cronies the wireless industry wants consumers to believe are making creditable statements. The wireless industry is getting sloppy!  Clearly based on very illogical reasoning and weak argumentation  – their latest attempts to deceive the public have failed miserably since the CTIA has had to out-source it’s propaganda machine to affiliates in […]

Google Glass Radiation: Health Risk from Wearable Wireless SAR Levels Exceed Smartphones

The Google Glass emits more wireless radiation than most cell phones on the market, but unlike cell phone users, Glass users may be wearing this device on their heads for more than 12 hours a day putting their health at risk. Apr. 15, 2014 – BERKELEY, Calif. — The Google Glass emits both Wi-Fi and […]

New Study Shows Brain Neurodegeneration from Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

On May 26, 2014 The Neurological Research Journal, an international, peer-reviewed journal for reporting both basic and clinical research in the fields of neurosurgery, neurology, neuroengineering and neurosciences published research proving cell phone radiation does cause brain damage. The current study led by Maheep Bhatnagar and colleagues in suggests long-term use of a cell phone […]

CEO’s Fathers Day Post on Cnet Message Board on Cell Phone Radiation charts

Comments under story titled Why CNET compiles cell phone radiation charts Biron_1 says ” RFSafe — I’m somewhat familiar rfsafe. You sell devices that “protect” people from radiation. I will not visit your website which promotes these dubious devices. I am extremely concerned about potential bias and conflict of interest. If you have links to […]

Facts about Cell Phone Radiation Hazards

Some facts you need to know about cell phone radiation hazards! Click Here for Full Video Galley on Cell Phone Radiation Hazards FACT: World Health Organization Warning Neurosurgeon Keith Black discusses concerns and precautions of cell phone radiation exposure after the World Health Organization’s panel of 31 scientists reported that cell phones are “possibly carcinogenic” […]

Pocket Cell Phone Radiation Kills Sperm, Lowers Testosterone , Causes Infertility

Men take note: Storing your cell phone in your pants pocket may result in impaired sperm and lower testosterone and may cause infertility.  In addition, new research suggests that carrying around a cell phone in your pocket could lower sperm motility and viability. Previous research has suggested that Radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) emitted by the […]

Meta-Study Proves Cell Phone Radiation Exposure Impacts Male Infertility

Men that want to start a family may want to reconsider how closely they store their cell phone to the family jewels. A new meta-analysis of ten past studies, found a consistent drop in sperm quality if the men had been exposed to cell phone radiation. “The implications are likely to be greatest for subgroups […]

Pregnant? Protect Your Baby and Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation

In this video from Baby Safe Project Org, four moms talk about their decision to avoid microwave radiation from cell phones and wireless networks during pregnancy. Dr. Hugh Taylor from Yale University talks about his study linking exposure to cell phone radiation with neurological and behavioral problems including symptoms resembling attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder […]