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Wireless Cellphone Warning!!

Wireless Cellphone Warning!!! telecomdotcom Journalist: Jonathon Collins July 31, 2000 This particular nightmare may not be totally hypothetical for the wireless cellphone industry. Public fear is driving further government-funded research into the link between wireless cellphone use and cancer. Although previous studies showed no connection between illness and radio frequency (RF) from cell phones, you […]

Your Cell Really Safe?

Is Your Cellphone Really Safe? Newsweek Journalists: Claudia Kalb And Karen Springen July 30, 2000 Dialing For Cancer? A New Study Says Risks From Cell Phones Remains Unclear A controversial new article renews concerns about health hazards Shari Welsh can’t imagine life without her cell. She brings it everywhere—biking through the hills, driving in the […]

Heads Get The Call For Ban On Student’s Cell Phone’s

Heads Get The Call For Ban On Student’s Cell Phone’s The Express July 27, 2000 David Blunkett is urging all head teachers to prohibit pupils from using mobile phones except in emergencies and to restrict general use to those aged 16 and over. The Education Secretary’s written guidance follows the findings of the Government’s own […]

Cell Phones – Convenience Or 21st Century Plague?

“…not only are many hands-free devices useless in protecting wireless phone users from radiation that might cause tumors, these products may actually raise the amount of radiation being directed into the head by three times.” Earthpulse Press has been following the development of new technologies over the last ten years. Our research efforts and publications […]

PR, Radiation And Bad Science

PR, Radiation And Bad Science Australian IT Journalist: Stewart Fist July 25, 2000 This is the Information Age. Right? And Australia is the Lucky Country, the Smart Country, or the Knowledge Nation, depending on which academic, lobbyist or politician you talk to. Meanwhile, Kim Beazley’s Labor Party has put out to pasture the only science […]

Would Mad Cows Use Mobile Phones?

Would Mad Cows Use Mobile Phones? IT Director July 24, 2000 It’s niggling doubt time. Do mobile phones push out harmful radiation or not? Let’s ask the scientists. Trouble is, can we trust them? It isn’t a case of corruption, but contradictory evidence that is then used by our own, dear politicians to promote their […]

B.C.’s Cellphone Radiation Levels Safe

B.C.’s Cellphone Radiation Levels Safe Vancouver Sun Journalist: Jeff Lee July 24, 2000 Cellular phones sold here all have radiation levels considered safe by the federal government, but the levels vary greatly from phone to phone, according to figures obtained by The Vancouver Sun. Cellphone makers are required to file radiation data with the U.S. […]

Cell Phone Industry To Publish Cell Phone Radiation Data

Cell Phone Industry To Publish Radiation Data CNN July 17, 2000 The U.S. cellular telephone industry will start publishing information on the amount of radiation that enters users’ heads when they use various wireless phones. CNN has learned that the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association is going to require manufacturers to submit data — called SAR’s […]

Cellular Phones To Carry Radiation Level Label

Cellular Phone To Carry Radiation Level Label New York Times Journalist: Simon Romero July 19, 2000 Moving to ease concern over possible health risks from cell phones, the largest manufacturers of cellular telephones are planning to disclose on their packages the radiation levels emitted from the devices they sell. Under a proposal submitted by the […]

Help! My Cell Phone Is Glowing

Help! My Cell Phone Is Glowing MSNBC Journalist: Brock N. Meeks July 18, 2000 Atomic cell phones? A leading trade group wants boxes and instruction booklets to disclose cell phone radiation levels. The leading cellular industry trade group has ordered wireless phone makers to tell the public how much radiation their phones emit. The information […]