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Consumer Reports Cell Phone Radiation Possibly Dangerous, Safe Levels Unknown

Consumer Reports is well known for its policies on editorial independence, since first being published in 1936 the organization has had no agenda other than the best interests of consumers. An article in the August 2014 issue of Consumer Reports on Health has put the consumers attention on “How to cut your exposure to cell-phone […]

No Air-flow Reason Behind Samsung Cell Phone Fire Under Kids Pillow

Here’s another reason, besides RF radiation, that you shouldn’t allow your kids to sleep with their cell phones at night. There is more outrage in the news over fine print warnings about cell phone hazards that you’ve most likely never seen. “If anything, they should put a big warning on it, like a cigarette label, […]

Interphone study indicates brain cancer risk in heavy cell-phone users

The Interphone Study Group.  Brain Tumor Risk in Relation to Mobile Telephone Use: Results of the INTERPHONE International Case-Control Study. International Journal of Epidemiology (in press). doi: 10.1093/ije/dyq079 Is 30 minutes a day really a heavy cell phone user? I t is safe to say these usage numbers are below average in today’s Smartphone era…….. […]

Vortis Radiation Safe Smartphone Antenna Technology is Disrupting the Cell Phone Industry

Tech people: read this. Parents, and young adults please pay very close attention. Everyone wants to put an end to all the speculation over brain tumors from cell phones.  Yes, it really is a problem and finally the scientific community is waking up to this fact. Revolutionary,  disruptive and innovative are such ubiquitous  descriptors  right […]

Vortis Technology Inc Interferometric Array Antenna Solutions ‘Vortis Inside’

Related Post Vortis Radiation Safe Smartphone Antenna Technology is Disrupting the Cell Phone IndustryJuly 19, 2014   Vortis is a 1.5″ X 3″ X ¼” [approximately] printed circuit board with two antennas that are phased 180 degrees to each other so that where their two signals meet, they create a null of energy to nestle […]

(MUST SHARE AUDIO) Berkeley, CA Councilman on Cell Phone Radiation Warning Labels

Berkeley City Councilman Max Anderson is pushing for a law that will require cell phone retailers to put warning labels on the packaging of wireless devices to warning consumers that cell phones could emit cancer causing levels of RF radiation.  Officials said the ordinance’s language will be drafted by a Harvard University law professor in a […]

LAW:Berkeley, CA Proposes Warning Labels Alerting of Cell Phone Radiation Dangers

Berkeley city officials are drafting a measure that will require cell phone retailers to put labels on  packaging warning consumers that wireless devices could emit cancer-causing levels of radiation.  Officials said the ordinance’s language will be drafted in a way that complies with the First Amendment, after a similar effort in San Francisco was defeated […]

Best Precautions to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

In today’s world, it’s not really practical to stop using your cell phone. However, using the proper RF safety accessories can dramatically lower your RF exposure levels. For example, automobile accidents kill more people every year than many diseases do, and nobody is suggesting that people stop driving their cars. Instead, the government requires safety […]

Is Bluetooth Radiation as Dangerous as Cell Phone Radiation?

Is Bluetooth Radiation Dangerous? Bluetooth radiation has been even less studied than cell phone radiation. The lack of formal studies has enabled the ‘experts’ to claim that Bluetooth radiation is safe. This claim is based not on research proving Bluetooth radiation safe but rather on a lack of study proving it unsafe, which is changing […]

Smartphone Causing Your Headache – Cell Phone Radiation Induced Headaches

Smartphones Causing Your Headache? The use of smartphones is now ubiquitous in our daily lives, but recent studies have raised concerns over the potential health effects of smartphone overuse on migraine patients. A 2019 study published in the journal Neurosciences found that smartphone use is related to poor sleep quality, daytime sleepiness, and decreased quality […]