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Lloyd’s of London Insurance Won’t Cover Smartphones – WiFi – Smart Meters – Cell Phone Towers By Excluding ALL Wireless Radiation Hazards

FOLLOW THE MONEY – Insurance Racket Won’t Take The Bet! Lloyd’s of London excludes coverage for RF/EMR claims – Interview With Sharon Noble – March 18th 2015 Letter to Government from Sharon Noble – Director of Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC Premier Clark, Mr. Bennett and Mr. Reimer, RE: Lloyd’s of London excludes […]

Science YES, NTY Wireless Wearable Computers Be As Harmful As Cigarettes?

The New York Times Folds To Pressure From Trillion Dollar Wireless Industry! On MARCH 18, 2015 – When the brave award-winning technology columnist, reporter and author of the Disruptions column and New York Times writer, Nick Bilton, compared two by-products, cigarette smoke and wireless radiation from wearable computers, he was instantly deemed a fear monger. […]

A Natural/Balanced Antenna Design for Cell Phone Radiation Safety

A Natural/Balanced Approach for Cell Phone Radiation Safety The below video depicts interference of visible RF waves “light” and “microwave radiation” used in today’s 2015 modern wireless devices, such as Smartphones that use non-visible RF waves “Micro-waves”. The only difference between visible light waves and microwaves are their wavelengths. Microwaves used for wireless communication have […]