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Overpowered: Hazards of Cell Phone EMF Exposure and Reducing Health Risk from Cell Phone Radiation

According to RF Safe, cell phone radiation health hazards are well documented in a new book by Martin Blank, PhD titled, “Overpowered: What Science Tells Us About the Dangers of Cell Phones and Other Wifi-age Devices.” RF Safe suggests enhancing measures of the precautionary approach by utilizing cell phone radiation safety accessories often overlooked by […]

ALARA Approach to providing protection from cell phone radiation

ALARA RF Safe Is The Future Of Safe Wireless Communication! In order to minimize the potential risks of biological effects associated with cell phone radiation, exposure limits and guidelines have been established. Even though there are exposure limits and administrative control levels, we strive to keep our radiation exposure well below these levels. The SCP […]

Faraday cage effect and cell phones when driving

[pullquote]Windshield Mount Cell Phone Holders can play a role in reducing invisible RF hazards and getting the best possible phone reception.[/pullquote] The Faraday Cage (named after its discoverer) means that the electric charge on a conductor sits on the outer surface of it. Therefore, no electrostatic field is present within the conductor  FARADAY CAGE – […]

FACT: DNA Damage at below safe Cell Phone Radiation Levels

Readers are probably familiar with the idea of electrophoresis, although they may not know the term. The technique is used for DNA fingerprinting to determine paternity. In television documentaries we often see forensic scientists holding a small X-ray film with lines of bar-codes. These bars are the physical locations of the genetic material after the […]

Cell Phone Cancer Link: Two Studies Provide New Evidence

Cell Phone Cancer Link Cell phones didn’t really begin to happen until 1973. According to Wikipedia, during that year, a Motorola executive made an experimental phone call to Bell Labs — named after the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell (this is a shoutout, ya’ll) — using a handheld device. Although some may argue […]

New phone radiation study increased brain tumor risk for children

A shocking new cell phone radiation study conducted on adolescents and their cell phone usage asks the question, “Are children at increased risk of brain tumors already?” The conclusion of the study is even more shocking than the question because it implicates all children who use cell phones. Almost 3,000 children a year in the […]

FCC Cell Phone Radiation Standard and Tort Immunity by Implied Conflict Preemption

FCC Cell Phone Radiation Standard and Tort Immunity by Implied Conflict Preemption I. Introduction [1] Cell phones emit low-level radiation.[1] Constantly.[2] [2] From 1992 to 1998, Dr. Christopher Newman used his cell phone for nearly 350 hours—about ten minutes per day.[3] When he developed a tumor on the side of his head where he used […]


CURRENT SCIENCE ON RADIATION FROM CELL PHONES – Radiation is the transport of energy in an electromagnetic wave. These waves are used by cell phones to communicate. But not only the cell phones emit also devices like the TV, microwaves, hair dryers, stove, computer screen, radio antennas, electric light, etc.. Even in nature. The sun […]

DNA And The Microwave Effect

 UPDATE:2014 Scientists End 13 Year Debate Proving Non-ionizing RF Microwave Effect Causes Cell Phone Radiation DNA Damage The prevailing view that non-ionizing cell phone radiation can not cause DNA damage was first challenged academically with a theory Penn State published titled, DNA and the Microwave Effect, January 20, 2001. New studies on (ROS) Oxygen Species […]

Will RF Radiation From Your Cell Phone Kill You?

Maybe the NCI study is wrong. Maybe the animal studies are wrong. Maybe physics is wrong, and there is some as yet undiscovered mechanism by which these low-energy rf radiation fields do damage to DNA. How big a cancer problem would exposure to radiation from power lines be? It is a tragedy, obviously, for a child […]