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RF Safe Cell Phone Radiation Shield, Ferrite Bead and Air-tube Headsets Reduce Smartphone Radiation Risk

Amid concerns raised over cell phone health hazards, RF Safe launches New Year’s Eve “National Awareness Campaign” for cell phone accessory package that shields cell phone radiation. San Francisco, CA  December 31, 2013 RF Safe, the world leaders in cell phone radiation safety have launched a national campaign on New Year’s Eve 2013 in order […]

Shield cell phone radiation with pocket shield radiation protection

Reflective RF Shields for Shirts, Pants, Belt And Purse! This shielding is most common for the modern day person on the go, and his or her active lifestyle. It doesn’t matter, day or night, elegant or casual, the pocket shield is discrete RF Protection no matter what occasion. Just slip it into your pocket or […]

RF Safe ferrite beads shield wired headset radiation

The Wire Guard suppresses radiation transferred up the headset wire to the earpiece without affecting sound quality. Combined with a air tube headset and pocket shield hands free is safer than ever! “See RFS Gold Package“! Every Cell Phone Needs To BE RF Safe! RFS Headset Radiation Shields are a add-on accessory that can be […]

Just How Safe Is Your Cell Phone To Use?

Just How Safe Is Your Phone To Use? Belfast Telegraph August 11, 2000 Health fears over hands-6.00 mobile phones are expected to be played down by a Government report to be published today. -A 41-year-old neurologist in the States filed a GBP50 million lawsuit against Motorola last week for damages following the discovery of a […]

DTI and Which? At Odds Over Phone Safety

DTI and Which? At Odds Over Cell Phone Safety The Register Journalist: Lucy Sheriff August 08, 2000 Consumers have been left without a clue – should they go hands-6.00 or clamp their  cell phone to their ear? Research published by the government today indicates that hands-6.00 mobile phone kits are safe to use. These new […]

Call For PR Drive On Cell Phone Dangers

MK’s Call For PR Drive On Cell phone Dangers Jerusalem Post Journalist: Judy Siegal May 17, 2000 The Knesset Science and Technology Committee yesterday called for information campaigns among parents and youngsters “on the dangers of excessive use of cellular phones,” but it did not call for a prohibition of use by children and teenagers. […]