Vortis Technology Inc Interferometric Array Antenna Solutions ‘Vortis Inside’

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Vortis Radiation Safe Smartphone Antenna Technology is Disrupting the Cell Phone Industry


Vortis is a 1.5″ X 3″ X ¼” [approximately] printed circuit board with two antennas that are phased 180 degrees to each other so that where their two signals meet, they create a null of energy to nestle your head in while the signals enhance each other forward and rearward of your head, then spread out. The result is a 10 fold drop in energy to your head and an equal enhancement in radiated signals for the far fields.

The Vortis is a micro array antenna that uses the concept of Interferometry to reshape the radio frequency (RF) energy fields surrounding a mobile phone in order to reduce the unwanted RF signal strength toward the location of the user and enhance the RF emissions toward the cellular receiving sites.

Benefits: All Vortis benefits have been confirmed by independent 3rd part testing.

When signal strength is improved by not losing it in the customers’ head you realize:

1. Data Speed Integrity; bring higher intelligence; faster to humanity

2. Hearing Clarity and Quality helps arrive at reality to become more aware

3. Energy Savings for the same calls; 30% more and up to twice the battery life; do it more

4. More Harmonic with Global Standards and Frequencies

5. Scientifically Safer in reducing high intensity fields within the head and body tissue

6. More directivity and gain illuminates forward, rearward like a light house

7. More evenly distributed light illuminates more area within the coverage comparisons


Performance – improved call quality from higher signal to noise ratio, greater range, faster downloads, fewer dropped calls

Safety – reduced SAR to a negligible .07 W/kg, compared to .7 to 1.5 W/kg of typical smart phone, an order of magnitude safer. To get around FCC SAR requirements, cell phones now must include written instruction to hold the phone 5/8″ away from the head!

Green – increased battery talk time 30-100%. If universally adapted as a standard, Vortis has the potential to save 13 Billion kilowatt hours in charging alone.

Vortis Validation on the World Markets was delivered by the Dietrich Report describing technology movements in today’s array antenna world. This report was prepared by the Virginia Tech Antenna Group Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group to provide analysis and substantiating data for the Vortis claims as well as a competitive analysis. Dr. Dietrich’s PhD Dissertation was in “Adaptive Arrays and Diversity Antenna Configurations for Handheld Wireless Communication”.

Next generation technology available today! Vortis is a new Antenna Technology called an Interferometric Antenna Array. This technology splits and separates signal into a figure 8 pattern.

What did the FCC say about Vortis?

“Because such antennas have the potential to significantly reduce the RF interference to hearing aids, as well as provide efficiency benefits both to the wireless network and to battery life, there are several benefits that could be gained from their increased use in cell phones.” [FCC: Matter of Section 68.4(a) of the Commission’s Rules Governing Hearing Aid-Compatible Telephones as they ordered US Telecoms to Comply with ADA Requirements; August 12, 2003].
Vortis improves signal strength for better hearing while it reduces hearing aid interference.
There are five array technologies. None meet characteristics of Vortis in saving energy, reducing
interference and providing an improved signal distribution for diversity, gain, etc.

When embedded into wireless devices, such as cell phones, smart phones, digital equipped cordless phones, or wearable equipment in defense, medical, first responders and sports, Vortis improves signal processing capability:

• Increases cellphone battery life by saving wasted signal loss to the user’s head, body and hand,
• 10x Reduction in absorbed energy; measured by Motorola’s Advanced R&D, Plantation, Fl. And laird Tech
• Increased call quality and noise reduction, so drastic that hard of hearing users love Vortis.

Better antenna; better bit error efficiencies. The FCC, Sony, Motorola and Nokia have recognized Vortis as a viable solution to better hearing but needs carriers to place orders. Vortis Team has worked with handset makers and carriers to develop the Vortis to Hard of Hearing markets; 10% of any user base. This includes Vodafone, Telefonica, China Mobile, etc.

Vortis antenna improves hearing antenna that saves energy and reduces interference. Vortis is so green, it makes other greens blue!

“Vortis Inside” has been tested by Motorola’s advance R&D Group [Plantation Florida] who confirmed that arrays reduce SAR and increase in total radiated power (TRP) the reduces signal strength in increases lengths between charges. The reduction of 1dB is about 30% energy savings that translate back to almost double the battery life.

The Vortis provides carriers, cell phone makers and other OEM’s with an unprecedented new and exciting solution for attracting consumers, hard of hearing people, enterprise, technology groups and governmental programs in support of improved accessibility.

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