WAR On Coronavirus: Human-safe Far-UVC Sterilization Project

Inside the Florida Home Taking The Fight To Virus!

WarOnFlu.com Human-safe Far-UVC Sterilization Project

We have many well-reviewed studies that ProVE RNA viruses, like coronavirus are made inactive at 207 – 222 nm and completely safe for skin and eye exposure, just math, and a narrow band of light from an LED will do it.

I’m not saying it will be easy to meet scale, you must think Manhattan project, repurposing factories, and uniting the best scientist in a true war-time effort to save millions of lives from COVID-19.

The only way is to fight the spread with this light, we have to confront the virus BEFORE it takes hold in us!

Spanish flu, the second wave was far deadlier, will we be this unprepared for the second wave knowing the outlook of the first.

Together the world can overcome a war that mankind thought they could never win, we do have the technology to inactivate a virus right out of the air and off any surface exposed to this invisible 207nm wavelength, and studies prove it harmless to people at this far uvc part of the UV spectrum.

We must take the fight to the virus! Stop the spread of the virus while they test a vaccine. So many places to have Human safe Far-UVC LED virus protection but we have to hurry to protect nursing homes and those that can be most affected.

Today’s Manhattan Project IS the Human-safe Far-UVC Sterilization Project!

John Coates