Belgian Wireless Funded Study Says Mobile Phone Use Probably Safe

Belgian Study Says Mobile Phone Use Probably Safe
Reuters (08/25/97)
August 26, 1997

Mobile phones probably do not pose a health risk to humans, according to a Belgian study sponsored by Belgacom, which controls 75 percent of Belgacom Mobile, the biggest mobile phone network in Belgium. Dr. Luc Verschaeve–head of the group that examined the potential biological effects of mobile phones–says the research team cannot say for sure that mobile phones do not affect a user’s health. But Verschaeve adds that the team discovered no evidence that mobile phones present a health threat. The research team exposed human blood cells to various amounts of radiation, and carcinogenic effects were exhibited in only the most extreme cases. Belgacom says the research supports earlier studies that have shown carcinogenic effects appear only in cases of frequencies not used for mobile phone transmissions.