Blood-Brain Barrier Cell Phone Radiation Study

In this video, we’ll be looking at how the use of cell phones is being associated with damage to the Blood/Brain Barrier

This is another in a series of short videos wher I’ll be sharing links to numerous scientific studies showing a great number of human health issues that are being linked to cell phone use.

In a report on the RF Safe website, according to a study posted to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, research on rats suggests that heavy use of mobile phones may put people at risk for neuronal damage.…

The study documented serious neuronal damage in rat brains following exposure to microwave radiation from a cell phone, at levels comparable to what people would experience during normal use. Damage to nerve cells was observed in several places within the brain, including the cortex, hippocampus and basal ganglia.

It was associated with evidence of leakage of proteins through the blood-brain barrier. The authors of the study expressed concern that “after some decades of (often) daily use, a whole generation of [cell phone] users may suffer negative effects, perhaps as early as middle age.”

If you would like to examine the study for yourself, I have included a link to it below.

Many more informative links are available in the study itself. Report Link:…