Cell Phone Cancer Scare: Are You At Risk?

Cell Phone Cancer Scare: Are You At Risk?
PR Newswire
October 20, 1999

New research shows cell phone usage may cause cancer.

More than 80 million Americans use cell phones, yet mounting scientific evidence shows mobile phone usage may cause brain tumors. The problem, explored in December’s PC Computing, stems from the radio frequency radiation (RFR) emitted from cell phones – phones that are typically held about an inch from your brain.

In “Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?” PC Computing Senior Editor Gordon Bass interviews the scientists whose findings show exposure to cell phone radiation — equivalent to the radiation emitted by a microwave — may cause serious health consequences. There’s more data today suggesting problems with cell phone radiation than the FDA had when it banned silicone breast implants. Yet the telecommunications industry calls into question the validity of the results, as well as the methods used by the researchers. Are we all at risk? What are the implications for American business, and what if anything can businesses do now to head off possible productivity and employee lawsuits?