Cell Phone Radiation Can Make Your Mercury Tooth Fillings Poisonous

Mobiles Turn Your Fillings Poisonous
The Mirror
May 17, 2000

Mobile phones can release poisonous mercury from fillings causing brain damage, an expert warned yesterday.

Scientists have discovered that electrical fields, like those given off by mobiles, can activate the mercury, giving off a gas.

Many experts believe the fumes attack the brain’s central nervous system causing conditions from depression, asthma to Alzheimer’s Disease and multiple sclerosis.

One in 30 Britons are sensitive to mercury poisoning, leaving two million at risk.

Dentist Dr Jack Levenson, who first raised the alarm about mercury fillings in the 1980s, said: “The dangers have been known for many, many years, but our levels of contact with radiation, especially from mobile phones, could be storing up an epidemic of long-term consequences.”

He added: “The more we use a mobile and the more fillings we have, the greater the risk of damage.”

Government health officers insist there is no firm evidence to warrant measures against either mobiles or mercury fillings.