Radiation is the transport of energy in an electromagnetic wave. These waves are used by cell phones to communicate. But not only the cell phones emit also devices like the TV, microwaves, hair dryers, stove, computer screen, radio antennas, electric light, etc.. Even in nature. The sun is a large emitter of radiation and the only source of radiation together extrasolar noise, to which the man was exposed before the twentieth century.
There are many doubts and fears among the population, of the possible existence of adverse health effects caused by cell phone radiation.

Certain ionizing energy values ​​called, have the capacity to alter the molecular structure of the material. Within these values ​​are: certain frequencies of light, which can cause cancer (hence the use of UV filters creams), X-rays, among others. The phones work with emissions at frequencies lower, called non-ionizing, which do not have enough energy to cause changes in the molecular structure of matter, in a short exposure time. Still no conclusive studies that have shown changes in prolonged exposure time.
Confirmed a biological effect is the increase of body temperature. Keeping a close cell, an increase of 0.1 ° C. When exposed to sunlight, it produces local heating, just as does the cellular radiation. In response to this effect, the body has a self-regulating mechanism for this increase in temperature, producing sweat or blood flow.

The visual effect. So as to bring the phone to a screen, this causes interference and distorts the image, just as interference occurs in the brain, causing delays in image processing, which reduces the responsiveness. Hence the need to have your hands free when driving.

For people who live under communications towers there much danger as those who have the antenna panel in front of their homes, since the emission is carried horizontally and you run the risk of overexposure.

It is believed that exposure to radiation causes cancer cell, leukemia or genetic defects. “None of these effects has been proven, so it is in vain alarmed, it is advisable to wait for the results of a benchmark seriously,” says radiation expert engineer Duván Tesamérica Mejia, the Colombian company dedicated to evaluating electromagnetic radiation not ionizing.

In 2004 finished the Reflex Project, funded by the European Union, that after four years of research, concluded that exposure to RADIATION FROM CELL PHONES causes changes in cells and DNA, without being harmful. After these results, the EU stopped funding the project What would the EU reasons for this?, Was there anything, any kind of pressure, or do not want to generate a social alarm?

WHO launched in 1996 the “International EMF Project (Electromagnetic Compatibility)”, to study non-thermal effects, such as cancer, leukemia, sterility, distortions in brain functions., Whose results will be known in 2012. For now it is advisable to take preventive measures such as not wearing ear phone until you have established the connection to the caller, since the strongest emission power is made at the time of establishing the call. People with pacemakers or pregnant women should avoid its use. In England, as a preventive measure prohibiting cell phone use in children under 14 years, since thermal effects it produces, can affect developing glands.