Devra Davis, Ph.D. Cell Phones and Brain Cancer on MSNBC

Devra Davis, Ph.D.

President and Founder, Environmental Health Trust, lecturer, San Francisco, London

Scientists and policy makers in tech-savvy nations like Israel and Finland are taking steps to protect the young brain and reproductive organs. Yet in the states, the iPhone plastic baby rattle case protects the phone’s glass screen from cracking when dropped or nibbled on by teething inquisitive babies but does not protect the infant’s young brain and rapidly growing body from the phone’s pulsed digital microwave radiation. The WHO report notes that the bone marrow of a child’s head absorbs 10 times more radiation than an adult, while those of infants and toddlers will absorb even more. The American Academy of Pediatrics cautions that children need more real face time than screen time, more laps than apps, and has written the FCC urging that fine print warnings that come with all smartphones to not keep phones in the pocket and avoid contact with the pregnant abdomen or those of teenagers should become standard medical advice.