Probability: Sperm fragmented by cell phone radiation behind 60-80% of autism spectrum disorders

Inside The Sherman Paradox –

Sherman Paradox refers to a dynamic DNA mutation expressed through an anomalous pattern of inheritance in mental health disorders. The paradox was ultimately explained by insights into the mutation process that gives rise to autism spectrum disorders. It’s theorized that genes responsible for autism spectrum disorders become mutated through a two-step process. The first mutation, called the ‘premutation’, doesn’t cause any clinical symptoms.

This is typical of damage done to DNA in male sperm as a result of cell phone radiation exposure.

The epidemic rise in cases of autism causes has been blamed on pollution, drugs, genetic constraints, and occasionally immunizations.

Surprisingly, however, new research has found father’s pass on the cause 80% of autism cases and cell phone radiation exposure is now being look at as the environmental pollution affecting men which was introduced to our society around 1995, thus could be responsible for causing autism to spike since that time, and increasing to epidemic levels today.


Father’s Reproductive Cells and Healthy Babies

Men and women’s reproductive DNA is in different places. Which makes a profound difference when it comes to our close, everyday radiation exposure that began about 20 years ago.

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of cell phones is a measure of the amount of radio frequency (RF) energy our bodies get when we use them. Governments set SAR limits to protect people, but governments never considered point-blank exposure to reproductive cells.

Even micro-damage to reproductive DNA can cause autism in a baby, which introduces a big question. Do studies show mobile phone radiation damages men’s reproductive cells? Yes, there are lots of studies showing this:

  • “RF energy in both the power density and frequency range of mobile phones enhances mitochondrial reactive oxygen species generation by human spermatozoa, decreasing the motility and vitality of these cells while stimulating DNA base adduct formation and, ultimately DNA fragmentation.” (De Iuliis GN et al 2009)
  • “We speculate that keeping the cell phone in a trouser pocket…may negatively affect spermatozoa and impair male fertility.” (Agarwal A et al 2009)
  • “A recent study found that use of cell phones adversely affects the quality of semen by decreasing the sperm counts, motility, viability and morphology.” (Deepinder F et al 2007)
  • “An increase in the percentage of sperm cells with abnormal morphology is associated with the duration of exposure to the waves emitted by GSM equipment.” (Wdowiak et al 2007)
  • “These data suggest that EMR emitted by cellular phone influences human sperm motility. In addition to these acute adverse effects of EMR on sperm motility, long-term EMR exposure may lead to behavioral or structural changes of the male germ cell. These effects may be observed later in life, and they are to be investigated more seriously.” (Erogul O et al 2006)
  • “The duration of possession and the daily transmission time correlated negatively with the proportion of rapid progressive motile sperm (r = ? 0.12 and r = ? 0.19, respectively), and positively with the proportion of slow progressive motile sperm (r = 0.12 and r = 0.28, respectively).” (Fejes I et al 2005)
  • “Prolonged exposure to [cell phone] RF-EMW can also cause DNA damage…which may accelerates neuronal and spermatozoal cell death…the SAR limit (maximum acceptable exposure limit) should be lowered for cellular phones.” (Desai N et al 2009)
  • “We examined 2110 men attending our infertility clinic from 1993 to October 2007…Our results showed that cell phone use negatively affects sperm quality in men.” (Gutschi T et al 2011)
  • “while RFEMR does not have a dramatic impact on male germ cell development, a significant genotoxic effect on epididymal spermatozoa is evident and deserves further investigation.” (Aitken RJ et al 2005)
  • “From a clinical perspective, we simply cannot ignore animal data that provide an incontrovertible link between DNA damage in spermatozoa and defects in embryonic development.” (Aitken RJ et al 2009)
  • “These findings have clear implications for the safety of extensive mobile phone use by males of reproductive age, potentially affecting both their fertility and the health and wellbeing of their offspring.” (De Iuliis GN et al 2009)

Are cell phones the only cause of male reproductive DNA fragmentation, and the only cause of autism? No. But, specifically, there is only one logical source of reproductive DNA fragmentation that started for large numbers of men in developed countries across the globe about 20 years ago, leading to a sustained autism spike.

Here’s the pattern: 1) Cell phone fragments sperm cell 2) Sick sperm cell fertilizes healthy egg 3) Baby with spectrum disorder is born

Does this pass the commonsense test? Yes; the rise in autism since 1994 closely parallels the rise in autism in socioeconomic groups that gained access to cell phones since that time (rich whites first, minorities later on).

More Data

If cell phones have caused autism to soar since men began carrying cell phones around 1995, then we should expect data on mental health disorders to tell a similar story. Damaged paternal reproductive DNA would not exclusively cause autism; there would be a large spectrum of difficult-to-diagnose mental health problems in children.

Specifically, we would expect mental health disorders to have skyrocketed for children born in the last twenty years, but to be about the same for adults. In fact, based on National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey data, from 1995 to 2010, the diagnosis of mental health disorders doubled for those younger than 21, but increased by less than 6% for adults over the same period (Olfson et al 2013).

The data shows the magnitude of damaged paternal DNA stretches beyond autism. A child might inherit slightly-fragmented DNA and lose only a few IQ points; but many others that inherit moderate-to-severe fragmentation from their father will have life-long cognitive, social, and mental health problems. This could lead to social instability in public schools and across society.

Soon to be fathers who had exposed their sperm to cell phone radiation is the driving force behing  The Sherman paradox!

Newborn Babies at risk from Cell Phone Radiation Exposure 

A study, which involved over five years of research on children with autism and other membrane sensitivity disorders, found that cell phone radiation negatively affects cell membranes, and allows heavy metal toxins, which are associated with autism, to build up in your body.

Meanwhile, the researchers pointed out that autism rates have increased concurrently along with the proliferation of cell phones and wireless use.

Cell Phone Radiation, the researchers say, could impact autism by facilitating early onset of symptoms or by trapping heavy metals inside of nerve cells, which could accelerate the onset of symptoms of heavy metal toxicity and hinder therapeutic clearance of the toxins .

Speaking in reference to the huge rise in autism rates, the study’s co-author, said, “A rise of this magnitude must have a major environmental cause. Our data offer a reasonable mechanistic explanation for a connection between autism and wireless technology.”

They also suggest that RF Radiation from wireless devices works in conjunction with environmental and genetic factors to cause autism.

Wireless Radiation in the Etiology and Treatment of Autism (PDF Download Page)