FCC is led by a former lobbyist; the lobbyists are led by former FCC leaders.

What do all these people have in comonTom Wheeler Michael Powell Meredith Attwell Baker
What do all these people have in common?  Tom Wheeler, Michael Powell and  Meredith Attwell Baker

This really explains why there is a growing dissonance among communities about the government’s lack of action to protect the American people from wireless radiation. This was clearly seen in January 2014 when FCC chairman Tom Wheeler was in Silicon Valley.  The full video can be seen at RF Safe here https://www.rfsafe.com/fcc-chairman-tom-wheeler-confronted-cell-phone-radiation-silicon-valley/

A story published on Apr 23 2014, sheds some serious light on how the US Government aids the wireless industry in the suppression of information that gravely endangers public health.   The “fox is guarding the hen house ”  allowing the trillion dollar wireless industrial complex to get away with murder.

“To sum up, the top cable and wireless lobby groups in the US are led by a former FCC chairman and former FCC commissioner, while the FCC itself is led by a man who formerly led both the cable and wireless lobby groups.” says Jon Brodkin, senior IT reporter for Ars Technica

Washington, DC, has long had a revolving door through which government officials exit to become lobbyists, and lobbyists enter to become government officials.

Regulators being led by former executives from the industries they’re supposed to regulate and industry groups being led by their former regulators sounds like it should be the stuff of fiction. But the Federal Communications Commission has once again proven that this phenomenon is quite real.

Please Read Jon Brodkin’s full “very insightful” article at http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/04/washingtons-revolving-door-cellular-lobby-and-fcc-have-traded-leaders/

The fact is, the only things that can save lives are being suppressed. Advancements in safer technology and educating the public on the risk.

– #1 Phones can be made safer today!! The wireless industry has not adopted new safer antenna designs such as Vortis Technology because it does not want to admit that older technologies were potentially deadly.

– #2  Educating the public is and always will be priority number one for RF Safe!  Yet the Government folds to pressure from the wireless industry to include warning labels on cell phones.


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