Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4 Are Twice as Strong, 300% Safer Than iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Users Bent, Apple Stock Crushed: In the wake of Apple’s very own Bendghazi style cover-up to hide just how inferior iPhone has become in today’s post Steve Jobs Smartphone world – New test by Consumer Reports give iPhone 6 users something to really get bent over.

consumer reports bend test iphone6-vs-galaxy-note3

Compression machine tests performed by Consumer Reports has concluded it only takes a butt with 70 pounds of force to distort the shape of an iPhone 6.   In other words, #BendGate is Real — it takes less pressure to destroy an iPhone 6 than it does 4 school pencils, which won’t snap until 80 pounds of force is exerted.

Consumer Reports’ bend tests take comparing Apple’s iPhone 6 to Samsung’s Note 3 to a whole new level.

What has not been spoken about is the fact that, “a bent iPhone can cause its microwave transmitter to utilize maximum output power; possibly exceeding safe RF Radiation levels whenever an iPhone’s antenna is either deformed or broken.”

Results of Consumer Reports Smartphone Bend Test

The Apple iPhone 6 deformed at 70 pounds of pressure, with its total destruction occurring at only 100 pounds of force. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 withstood 150 pounds of pressure before any signs of deformation or case separation was observed by consumer reports.

According to RF Safe, “the integrity of iPhone’s structural design is an important factor for ongoing compliance with current regulatory safety guidelines.”   The fact that the iPhone 6 already pushes the legal exposure limits is covered in detail here

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus both have an SAR of 1.18 watts per kilogram when positioned near a user’s head, but it is nearly three times greater than Galaxy Note 3, which has an SAR of just 0.35 W/kg.

It is also important to understand that when Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transmitters are running simultaneously, the iPhone 6 Plus’s SAR jumps to 1.59 W/kg – This is only .01 under the FCC’s legal safe limit of 1.6 W/kg.

With this information, the facts to support the following statement are confirmed!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4 Are Twice as Strong and 300% Safer Than iPhone 6 Plus!

RF Safe recommends never using a bent or damaged iPhone as radiation levels may exceed FCC safety exposure guidelines. Consumers wishing to SAR test a bent iPhone are urged to contact RF Safe for discounted SAR testing rates.

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News on High Radiation iPhone 6 Cost Apple 7.8 Billion in One Day!
News on High Radiation iPhone 6 Cost Apple 7.8 Billion in One Day?