Is 5G Radiation Killing Trees?

Today’s question: Will trees die from exposure to 5G radiation?

This is a very intriguing question, as RF Safe has done their own in-house experiments using seacrest seeds exposed to WiFi radiation.

More videos are popping up showing evidence of 5g hazards in the news media, such as I am about to show you from the Daily Mail website, that shows very compelling evidence that streetlamp-mounted 5G small-cells may indeed be causing trees to die.

I don’t know about you, but I call this clear evidence that everyday people are witnessing negative effects of 5G. Telcomm industries would like you to believe that this is fake news. However, the only thing fake is the industry’s statements that assume this technology is safe without scientific peer-reviewed studies to prove it’s safety.

We can’t condemn citizen journalism as fake news when it shows the absolute need for federal governments around the world to open their checkbooks and begin funding much needed studies that simply don’t exist in these 5G frequency bands. It is irresponsible to present this technology as safe when governments have not done their job to fund studies that would confirm it’s safety before mass 5G deployment.

RF Safe’s in-house experiments demonstrated WiFi radiation negatively affected the number of sprouts and yield dramatically. This leads us to believe that all life is potentially negatively affected by microwave radiation exposure. Studies must be done.

This is yet another way that trees are afected by 5G.

Which brings up my point of a tree-for-tree policy; if telcomm companies are going to kill a tree, they need to plant one too!

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