A Little About RF Safe’s History & The Future Of Cell Phone Users

radiation-caused-birth-defectsRF Safe was conceived in 1995 and first incorporated 3 years later after rigorous research on EMF bio-effects to fetal development by John Coates, RF Safe’s founder.

RF Safe has spent over two decades uncovering the truth about health effects attributed to EMF (electromagnetic field) exposures. It’s through our EMF health effects research that has brought us the best RF/EMF solutions today and keeps RF Safe a leader in innovative new RF/EMF safety technologies.

Our goals are finding solutions to unseen health hazards we face daily in our environment. However, finding solid EMF solutions has been quite a challenge.  RF Safe is out to change all of that!  We are committed to research and development to evolve the safety of products/equipment that produces EMF/RF radiation.

RF Safe entered this industry making RF/EMF shielding to protect unborn babies to reduce birth defects from EMF exposure after the tragic death of the founder’s newborn girl (Angel Leigh Coates).  Over the last 20 years, RF Safe has pressured the wireless industry at a commercial level to provide safer cell phone technologies to meet the demanding need for low EMF wireless devices.

RF Safe is currently welcoming the long expected launch of new wireless phones with Vortis Technology inside, thus marking the largest antenna technology advancement for controlling phone radiation to ever be implemented at the manufacturing level.

One may even consider wireless products in the 21st century a plague of biblical proportion to mankind. Thus making the (yearly tobacco-related deaths) of 500 thousand people a year statistically small when compared to EMF/RF related deaths/disorders we face in the future.

Be RF Safe To Be Sure!

How Many People Will Die?

In less than a hundred years we have seen numerous types of consumer goods that made claims of being safe kill millions of people and contribute to millions more being born with life-impairing birth defects. 

In 100 years smoking has gone from killing 400 people in the US to 500,000 this year. To avoid this hazard all one has to do is simply not inhale smoke.

However, EMF hazards are not so easily avoided. In the past 30 years, our environment has gone from no cell towers to over 200,000 cell towers in the USA alone. The point being we are all exposed to microwave radiation even if you choose not to use a cell phone. Granted that you are at a much greater risk if you do use a cell phone.

When viewing the chart below,  one must consider we are in a time very similar to 1914 statistics related to deaths attributed to smoking when compared to deaths from cell phone radiation exposure today.  But what about a 100 years from now?

Reported Deaths From Smoking In The US Only!

Note: The Cig  Industry Claimed NO health effects up until recent years!

In the year 1900 Buck Duke sold 4.4 billion cigarettes in the US

Reported Deaths From EMF Exposure

Note: The Industry Claims NO health effects today!

If you want numbers, I can give you this.

It was the death of my newborn girl in 1995 that GOD gave me (John Coates) a profound understanding of the destruction mankind is doing to the environment in which we live.

I can tell you about my involvement in EMF research and RF safety, I have been in correspondence with hundreds of people each year that have also felt the effects of wireless products.

Some cases resulting in death: See

Public Registry of Illness/Deaths Caused By Cell Phone Radiation

Year Deaths
1914 400
1930 3,000
1940 7,000
1950 18,000
1960 36,000
1965 50,000
1975 81,000
100 Years Later, 2014 – Over 1/2 a million people WILL Die This Year In The USA From Smoking

We must get better demographics on everyone harmed by RF/EMF exposure, whatever the source may be.  Tragically it’s statistics that will force legislation for laws to ensure the safety of future generations.  Wireless industry lobbyist can counter studies proving harm using well-funded PR tactics and industry-funded counter studies.  Unlike the days of tobacco deception, lawmakers today will be faced with the rapid sharing of information to uncover the truth!  Please join RF Safe’s Public Registry if you feel your life has been affected by EMF from wireless products.

Please help me to spread the word about EMF hazards and how to be RF safe to everyone you know.


John Coates
Founder, CEO
RF Safe Corporation

This was originally posted in 2000, re-posted with company info, links and some comments updated