Mobile Workers Tell How Health Suffered From Cell Phone Usage

Mobile Workers Tell How Health Suffered From Cell Phone Usage
The Express
October 16, 1999

An engineer launched a lawsuit against his former bosses at British telecom earlier this year, claiming the mobile phone they gave him caused him brain damage.

Stever Corney, a father of three, worked for BT from 1986 until 1996, then went sick until leaving the firm on health grounds last year.

Mr. Corney, 40, of Kempston, Beds, spent several hours a day on his BT mobile before falling ill. He claims radiation from it caused him short term memory loss that eventually made even the simplest tasks a nightmare. “I would do the shopping, pay with cash and then forget that I had done it, so I would do it all again and pay with a credit card”, he said.

Yesterday he welcomed the stand taken by Dr.Carlo. Mr.Corney said: “Mobile phones aren’t safe and it’s time the companies admitted they do cause harm. Anything which can get this message across is important.”

Market trader Giovannia de Dominicis was struck down with Hodgkin’s Disease, a rare form of cancer, at the same time as his friend and next door neighbour Terry Clark. The pair, from Hackney, East London, blamed their cancer on the use of Mercury OnetoOne mobiles which they both used for hours at a time. Dominicis, 27, who has been in remission for the past two years, said: “The mobile phone industry will be caught up just the same way the tobacco people were. I believe they will end up paying out millions, and having to admit that mobile phones do carry risks”.

Dr.Gerald Hyland, a physicist at Warwickshire University, said “I know from my own area that epileptic seizures have gone up in schools as a result of youngsters using mobiles.”