New RF Safe iPhone 7 Radiation Case Tested With Gigahertz Solutions HF38B RFR Meter

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RF Safe has launched an all new line of iPhone 7 Series safety accessories. The iPhone Safety package shields cell phone radiation exposure and potential risk with several innovative components.

The only iPhone 7 Series cell phone case on the market that is designed to protect users from excessive radiation is available now, as part of the RF Safe Cooperation’s new three component iPhone 7 Safety Package. The case is designed with a cell phone radiation shielded flip cover to protect the user from microwave exposure.

RF Safe, global leader in EMF safety, has launched its next generation iPhone 7 safety package, featuring an RF Safe Case, RF Safe AirTube Headset, and RF Safe Ferrite Bead, a simple clip on device to provide cell phone radiation shielding for wired headsets.

“Radiation safety is often like safely operating a motor vehicle. You use a blinker, seat belt, and headlights to maintain a safe driving experience,” says RF Safe founder, John Coates, “With cell phone radiation, it’s critical to have user knowledge of the wireless device to maintain proper distances and correctly use RF shielding.“

Health experts have been issuing warnings to consumers about the damaging impact cell phone radiation could have. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently reinforced recommendations to utilize hands-free kits and limit usage.

According to a recent report by ZDNet, an assemblyman of the National Radio Research Agency of South Korea claims that SAR Levels for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are twice the average special absorption rate (SAR) value in comparison to Samsung phones.

Bluetooth technology powers the new iPhone 7 AirPods. Dr. Joel Moskowitz, a professor at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, recently warned consumers that over time these emissions wear down the blood-brain barrier, which is essential for keeping out chemical toxins. With the AirPod, most of the wireless communications will emanate from the ear canal itself, according to details outlined by Apple last week. Apple’s W1 wireless chip, a focal point of the updated wireless technology, is housed in the bulbous portion of the AirPod that nestles into the ear canal. “You are putting a microwave-emitting device next to your brain,” says Moskowitz.

With the AirPod sending high-tech radiation right into your ear, RF Safe says it could pose serious, long-term dangers, particularly for children.

The RF Safe AirTube Headset features air tube acoustic technology, reducing microwave exposure to the head. iPhone users will experience the newest innovation in radiation safe cell phone headsets, and rich live sound without any electrical components in their ears.

4 piece rf safe radiation safety package
4 piece rf safe radiation safety package