NOKIA 6310 2021 Connectivity Review: A Comprehensive Analysis

NOKIA 6310 2021 Connectivity Review: A Comprehensive Analysis

The NOKIA 6310 2021 is a smartphone that boasts a range of impressive specs, including its connectivity features. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at its Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, GPS, NFC, and radio capabilities, and how they compare to other smartphones on the market.

NOKIA 6310 2021 connectivity Review
NOKIA 6310 2021
connectivity Wi-fi
connectivity Bluetooth
5.0, A2DP, LE
connectivity USB
connectivity GPS
connectivity NFC
connectivity Radio
Wireless FM radio
Connectivity Review
Review NOKIA 6310 2021 Connectivity Review

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Connectivity Wi-Fi: No

One notable difference with the NOKIA 6310 2021 is that it does not have Wi-Fi capabilities. This may be a drawback for some users who rely on Wi-Fi for internet access, as they will need to rely on cellular data instead.

Connectivity Bluetooth: 5.0, A2DP, LE

The NOKIA 6310 2021’s Bluetooth capabilities are impressive, with support for the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard, as well as A2DP for high-quality audio streaming and LE for low-power devices. This should make it easy to connect to other devices, such as headphones or speakers.

Connectivity USB: microUSB

The NOKIA 6310 2021 uses the standard microUSB port for charging and data transfer, which is a common feature on many smartphones. However, some users may prefer the newer USB-C standard, which offers faster charging and data transfer speeds.

Connectivity GPS: No

Another notable omission is GPS support, which may be a drawback for users who rely on their smartphone for navigation. However, many users may already have a dedicated GPS device, or use other navigation apps that don’t require GPS.

Connectivity NFC: No

The NOKIA 6310 2021 does not support NFC, which may be disappointing for users who rely on this technology for contactless payments or other applications. However, NFC is not yet widely adopted in many regions, so this may not be a major issue for all users.

Connectivity Radio: Wireless FM radio

One unique feature of the NOKIA 6310 2021 is its support for wireless FM radio, which allows users to listen to live radio broadcasts without using cellular data. This may be a useful feature for users who enjoy listening to local radio stations.

Overall, the NOKIA 6310 2021’s connectivity features are solid, but some users may be disappointed by the lack of Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC support. However, the support for Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless FM radio is a unique feature that may appeal to some users.


1. Does the NOKIA 6310 2021 support 5G connectivity?

No, the NOKIA 6310 2021 does not support 5G connectivity.

2. Can I use the NOKIA 6310 2021 as a mobile hotspot?

No, the NOKIA 6310 2021 does not have Wi-Fi capabilities, so it cannot be used as a mobile hotspot.

3. Is the microUSB port on the NOKIA 6310 2021 reversible?

No, the microUSB port on the NOKIA 6310 2021 is not reversible, so you’ll need to make sure you insert the cable the right way up.

4. Can I listen to FM radio on the NOKIA 6310 2021 without using headphones?

No, the NOKIA 6310 2021 does not have a built-in speaker for FM radio, so you’ll need to use headphones to listen to radio broadcasts.

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