Overpowered: Hazards of Cell Phone EMF Exposure and Reducing Health Risk from Cell Phone Radiation

According to RF Safe, cell phone radiation health hazards are well documented in a new book by Martin Blank, PhD titled, “Overpowered: What Science Tells Us About the Dangers of Cell Phones and Other Wifi-age Devices.” RF Safe suggests enhancing measures of the precautionary approach by utilizing cell phone radiation safety accessories often overlooked by academic and health care professionals.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

shield brain from cell phone radiation children at risk use air tube headsetRF Safe Corporation (http://www.rfsafe.com), the global leaders in a new and rapidly-growing industry – Cell Phone Radiation Safety, leverages 16 years of Cell Phone EMF/RF risk management to provide the world’s best solutions for reducing EMF exposure from cell phones and wireless devices.

RF Safe comments in response to the progressive news website Salon.com running a story on Apr 12, 2014 titled, “Your cellphone is killing you: What people don’t want you to know about electromagnetic fields”. Dr. Blank, the author of “Your cellphone is killing you,” is a real academic scientist, not a conspiracy theorist. He is right to worry that commercial interests are conflicting with research-based public safety recommendations.

RF Safe also strongly agrees that consumers need to take a precautionary approach to using a cell phone safely. However, RF Safe points out that most academics and doctors fail to suggest very effective cell phone accessories to reduce cell phone radiation exposure.

Coates says, “We must value their neutrality in this mater even though it is very frustrating having technology available to make phones safer and not getting support from the doctors and academics which insinuate dire consequences to EMF exposure. Understandably so, scientists fear being labeled as bias in their research findings when openly suggesting commercial interest to provide protection from cell phone radiation.”

According to Coates, it’s the “American Spirit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” that will ultimately decide the safety of cell phones.

“The public will have safer alternatives because wireless consumers will demand it as cellphone users become more informed on potential health risk. It’s a free market place that will ensure this new industry grows to maturity and revolutionizes the wireless industry,” he says.

The cellphone radiation safety industry is a story of tragedy on its way to being triumphant; one that proves vision and relentless hard work can create a better, safer wireless future.

Currently, RF Safe offers consumers a line of colorful Air-tube headsets to suit any style, in both mono and full stereo headsets. RF Safe headsets are designed to reduce cranial radiation exposure.

shield your body from cell phone radiation
shield your body from cell phone radiation

Protection for the rest of the body is done by providing cell phone cases that deflect cell phone radiation when a phone is carried in a pocket or purse.

RF Safe even caters to the do-it-yourself consumers with Peel-n-Shield™, the perfect RF shielding material for D-I-Y Cell Phone Radiation Shields.

To learn more about the best cellphone accessories for radiation safety, visit http://www.rfsafe.com.


RF SAFE is the world’s premier provider of cell phone radiation protection accessories and informational data. Since 1998 RF (Radio Frequency) Safe has been dedicated to evolving the wireless industries safety standards, by engaging in the business of design, testing, manufacture, and sale of safety technologies to mitigate harmful effects of cell phone radiation.