Pink Cell Phone Radiation Shields for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2014 Fundraisers

RF Safe’s pink cell phone radiation shields are great for supporting fundraising events for breast cancer awareness. Doctors say keeping cell phones tucked in bras possibly causes breast cancer in young women.

RF Safe claims a research team, led by Dr. Lisa Bailey, and one of California’s top breast surgeons, studied four young women – aged from 21 to 39 years old – with multifocal invasive breast cancer that appears to be caused from cell phone radiation exposure.

Case Reports in Medicine Volume Sept 2013:

They all tested negative for BRCA1 and BRCA2 – breast cancer genes linked to about one-half of breast cancer cases – and they had no other known breast cancer risks.

Here’s an idea for the next fundraiser that takes a very proactive approach to preventing breast cancer from cell phone radiation exposure – which doctors are attributing to the disease:

-Starting a breast cancer fundraising event can be a fun and fulfilling way to support a loved one battling breast cancer, raise money for further research or just increase awareness.

-Holding an event can allow special focus on planning a fundraiser and highlight a passionate fun way to rally community support and spend time with friends.

Try out RF Safe cell phone radiation safety accessories to incorporate bold new ideas for this year’s breast cancer fundraising event:

RF Safe Pink Purse and Pocket Shields

RF Safe suggests finding a a breast cancer awareness event near you and gather a team of runners and supporters for the fundraiser.

Make sure to pick an event that is scheduled far enough in advance to give enough time to raise donations by informing women on a simple pink pouch that can reduce cell phone radiation which could be linked to breast cancer in young women.

There are plenty of marathons, 5Ks and walks in numerous cities across the US that raise money for breast cancer. Most of the participants of such events will also have a cell phone carried on them during the marathon, and sport bras are becoming an ever more common place for female joggers to store their phones which is potentially putting them at a higher risk for breast cancer.

Researchers observed that all the patients developed tumors in areas of their breasts next to where they carried their cell phones. None of the patients had a family history of breast cancer, but that is not the only hazard women face when carrying a cell phone.

RF Safe claims expecting mothers are at more risk to cell phone radiation exposure.

When a cell phone is attached to a belt or in your pocket/purse radiation can penetrate the area near the cell phone handset much deeper into your body. “Pregnant women or those wanting to start a family should consider the findings of an important Yale study.” Says John Coates, RF Safe’s Founder

March 15, 2012 issue of Scientific Reports.

These are numerous reasons that women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy should be aware of: The importance of protecting the body from cell phone radiation.

  •     Yale study says unborn mice exposed to cell phone radiation experienced changes in part of the brain responsible for hyperactivity.
  •     Fetuses developing brains are fragile and more vulnerable than adults, so it is prudent to keep the phone at a distance at all times when pregnant.
  •     The brain has very little bone protection allowing for greater absorption of radiation.
  •     Scientists in CUA’s laboratories found that oscillating EMFs increase the rate of neural abnormalities in chicken embryos by a factor of approximately 2.5

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