Protect Your Brain From Cell Phone Radiation – Especially Young Children


Don’t be mislead by a common misconception started in the 90’s that wired headsets, like the headset that came with your cell phone is a safe alternative to placing a phone to your head.   This is simply not true, ordinary headsets use a wire to deliver sound to an electronic earpiece that can deliver electromagnetic radiation into your head directly through your ear canal.


RF Safe headsets are an excellent, high quality-sounding product that delivers fantastic sound quality while eliminating the harmful radiation from reaching the brain. RF Safe Headsets allow users to enjoy listening music without electric components inside the ears – for completely safe radiation free sound only acoustic technology can deliver.

RF Safe’s patented Air-Tube Technology produces the world’s most durable, best sounding airtube headset on the market, so consumers can enjoy a live, on stage sound every-time a song is played through its acoustic sound chamber delivered through a sleek airtube design.

Test have confirmed that wires used with ordinary headsets allow potentially harmful radiation to reach the brain of cellphone users. This potential radiation hazard is avoided when RF Safe headsets are used.

(Dual Ear Bud) Stereo Air tube headsets are perfect for radiation free entertainment: music, gaming ect

(Single Ear Bud) Mono Air tube headsets are perfect for private radiation free communication  when your equal attention needs to be given to the world around you.

RF Safe’s Air-tube Headset is available for all smartphone models in an array of colors to complement any healthy active lifestyle.

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Why Are Children More At Risk To Cell Phone Radiation Dangers?

These are numerous reasons that you as a parent should be aware of:

  1. Children have thinner skull bones, which allow for greater penetration of cell phone radiation. Radiation can enter all the way into their mid-brain, where tumors are more deadly.
  2. Children’s cells reproduce more quickly, so they’re more susceptible to aggressive growth of mutated cells.
  3. Their brains have higher percentage of fluid, allowing for greater absorption of radiation.
  4. Children’s immune systems are also not as well-developed, which make them more vulnearable
  5. They face a far greater lifetime exposure than adults

Brain tumors are now the leading cancer that causes death in children

brain-tumors-cell-phone-radiation-brain-cancerAccording to the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada, brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer death in children under the age of 20, now surpassing acute lymphoblastic leukemia. They are the third leading cause of cancer death in young adults ages 20-39. – (1)

Research published by Dr. Lennart Hardell indicates that brain tumor risk increases with more years of cell phone use. Proving the effects of cell phone radiation are cumulative with more hours of use, those with the most usage had a 300% increase in having a brain tumor on the same side as a cell phone was most used. The official technical abstract of this study can be found here: (2)

Learn the true, up-to-date facts (not a ‘sales spin’) about long term health effects, realize that safety guidelines are not adequate for children (as well as for adults) and that mobile phone companies try to protect their industry at all costs and consciously war-game scientific evidence of danger. Educate yourself and your children and please act responsibly.

With all the doubt surrounding the safety of cell phone radiation, cell phone users must adopt a precautionary approach to using cell phones as safe as possible.

What makes this risk so insidious is the potential to dismiss it altogether, in part because it is convenient to do so, and in part because it’s hard to take seriously a potential menace that is totally invisible.  None-the-less, we must be grateful for our God given intellect to comprehend the intangible and realize risk even when there is nothing to see, smell, or touch.   Many hard working scientist and medical researchers have given us very real tangible data that suggest one thing – “all cell phone users need to err on the side of caution”.

Lawmakers in 2014 have taken notice of the risk consumers face using wireless devices, both Hawaii and Maine have passed milestone bills for informing consumers on the hazards of cell phone radiation.

2/20/2014 Hawaii Senator Calls for Cell Phone Radiation Warning Labels on Cell Phones

3/11/2014 Maine House of Representatives Approve of Cell Phone Warning Labels

Brain Cancer Isn’t the Only Risks; Neurological Disease is Also in Question

At Lund University Hospital their research has focused not on the cancer risk but on damage to neurons in the brain.

Professor Leif Salford research was first published in Environmental Health Perspectives, the journal of the U.S. government’s National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

111(7): 881–883. Titled Nerve cell damage in mammalian brain after exposure to microwaves from GSM mobile phones. (3)

A lecture on this by Professor Leif Salford can be found here These published studies bring into question Alzheimer’s and cell phone radiation exposure. Professor Leif Salford, head of neurosurgery at Lund University Hospital, said: ‘We have already shown that mobile radiation can allow harmful proteins and toxins through the blood-brain barrier in rats.

“Now we see a significant degree of damage to the neurons in the brains of what you could call adolescent rats. If this effect were to transfer to young mobile users the effects could be terrifying.”

We can see reduced brain reserve capacity, meaning those who might normally have got Alzheimer’s or dementia in old age could get it much earlier.” said Professor Leif Salford