Research Into Phone Radiation Danger ‘Inadequate’

Research Into Phone Radiation Danger ‘Inadequate’
The Guardian
Journalist: Nicholas Watt
September 23, 1999

A cross-party committee of MPs yesterday rounded on the government for failing to carry out proper research into the possible dangers posed by mobile phones.

In a report on health hazards connected with the phones, MPs on the commons science and technology committee said government spending on research programmers, amounting to less than £400,000, fell “seriously short of adequacy”.

The MPs concluded: “It is essential that there is independent, appropriately-funded research which is seen to be objective and not to be directed by commercial interests.”

The Medical Research Council was carrying out no research into mobile phones, the report revealed, while the department of health was spending £60,000.

The National Radiological Protection Board was spending £300,000 compared with £3m being spent by the mobile phone industry.

The committee said there was no evidence to prove that microwave radiation from mobile phones posed a health hazard. But they recommended, as a precaution, that emissions from mobile phones be cut to a fifth of their present level to bring Britain into line with the rest of the EU.

The MPs said: “We agree that there is no validated evidence to justify lower exposure limits. Nevertheless the extent to which many are calling for more research justifies a precautionary reduction in maximum exposure guidelines.”