RF Safe Air-tube Headsets – RF Safe Featured In Wall Street Journal Review

RF Safe gets world wide publicity for cell phone radiation safety (Sept 4 2002 issue)rfsafe-wallstreet

Click here to read The Wallstreet Journal’s review of RF Safe Approved Headsets

Below letter was sent to The Wall Street Journal along with RF Safe’s products they requested for review

August 9, 2002

Hi Stacy,

As you may have noticed RF Safe takes a different approach to offering consumers wireless products.  Our interest in this industry is to better understand and control health effects of non-thermal RF Radiation exposure.  RF Safe developed interferemetric antenna technologies to reduce or eliminate negative health effects from RF/MW radiation via cellular phone handset itself.   After years of research we’ve concluded safe cell phone usage depends on a system of usage along with implementing necessary shielding technologies.

Its very important consumers know the pros and cons of headsets.  Now that headsets are required in some states for hands free driving consumers must understand how to minimize all risk.

Concern #1:  Tests prove a cell phone headset wire does act as an antenna.  Which could increase radiation channeled into a person’s ear canal. Test found the brain was subjected to 3 times as much radiation when a wired headset is used.

Solution #1 Accessories: Small wire ferrite suppressor and Ear Bud Shields

Solution #1 SCP Usage:  By clipping our ferrite on a cell phone headset wire this impedes unwanted frequency exposure. It offers impedance levels through the range of 30MHz up to 1.8 GHz, tested with a HP4191A Hewlett Packard Impedance Analyzer.  To prevent microwave exposure outside the ferrite s impedance capabilities from reaching the brain we offer Ear Bud Shields “for wired Headsets” or RF Safe’s Air-tube Headset that uses an air tube rather than a wire to connect the earpiece to speaker.

Concern #2: When a cell phone is placed on a belt or in a pocket or purse while using a hands free headset this will expose many vital organs to high frequency microwaves.

Solution #2 Accessories: Body Shielding – Pocket Shield or Purse Shield ect.

Solution #2 SCP Usage: The objective is to simply place a protective barrier between you and the cell phone.   We offer RF Shielding Fabric suited for this purpose, either with or without lamination.

I’ve included 6 Ferrite wire shields, a small bag of Ear Bud Shields, 3 Universal 2.5M Headset, 1 laminated Pocket Shield, 1 6inX6in piece of RF Shielding Fabric, 1 Air-tube Headset with 2.5M plug, and 1 IR wireless headset with speaker phone for hands free driving. Plus a few flyers too!

Please contact me with any questions!

Thank you & Have A Great Day!


John Coates