RF Safe Announces Peel n Shield™ Cell Phone Radiation Shielding

Adhesive Flexible Foam for D-I-Y Protection from RF Radiation Health Hazards. At only 2mm thick, RF Safe’s Peel n Shield™ colored foam lined with silver plated RF shielding fabric is forever changing the way consumers protect themselves from cell phone radiation.

RF Safe, a world leader in providing ways for consumers to reduce potential hazards attributed to cell phone radiation has created a revolutionary way to add RF shielding to almost anything a wireless device is either stored or carried.


RF Safe launched a new Peel n Shield™ Technology that makes it possible to shield almost anywhere a cell phone is held near the body. RF Safe Peel n Shield™ is made from 2 mm thick soft foam layered with silver plated microwave shielding fabric that is permanently applied with pressure. Bonds to fabrics, metal, even wood or glass.

It’s the perfect material sold in very pliable sheets for custom shielding of cell phone cases, pockets, holsters, purses, handbags or anywhere else there is a concern over RF Radiation exposure.

Peel n Shield™ is available in several colors to seamlessly blend in smoothly with any look and style while giving consumers the peace of mind that they have a deflective barrier that microwave radiation from wireless devices is not going through.

John Coates, Founder of RF Safe, said, “Do-It-Yourself cell phone radiation protection just got really easy. Anyone can do it! All it takes is a pair of scissors to cut the Peel n Shield™ to the desired size. Simply remove the wax-paper and apply with pressure to line the inner part of a handbag or backpack as a protective barrier that deflects radiation.”

RF Safe plans on making demonstration videos available online at rfsafe.com to show everyone just how easy it is and encourages website members to share shield ideas in RF Safe’s open community support forum.

According to RF Safe website, if you need a new flip case that is 100% compatible with a flip cover shield – The universal smartphone flip case sold by RF Safe comes with a custom fitting flip cover shield so no tools are required for maximum cellphone radiation safety and phone screen protection.