RF Safe Reboot! You are more important than you can imagine (Please Read)

John Robert Coates

CEO, RF Safe Reboot 2021

To our valued customers and visitors,

Through the last year of family members falling sick and surgical delays – the lockdown took everything RF Safe had built over 22 yrs. Our staff, our business, and our inventory (see video) all one thing after another! I was already (pre-pandemic) heavily in debt with the cost from Research & Development for graphene-infused RF shielded screen protectors that filtered microwaves from the front of the phone.

Despite the fact it is easy to say that RF Safe failed under these circumstances, it can only be looked at as a failure if we fail to use what has been learned!

I started RF Safe after losing my first daughter, Angel Leigh Coates, attributed to occupational microwave exposure in 1995. I have spent my entire adult life researching and manufacturing the best EMR protection, exactly as I stated I would do 23 yrs ago with my first post on the RF Safe website (Archived here). RF Safe’s mission for my life, not a company, was born.

Oddly enough, now my attention is brought to a single reference I made in my first online post as a young, heartbroken man that turned to God and the internet decades ago after a tragic loss of a child to build awareness for the importance of vitamins and a reduction in EMR that penetrates the body, especially that of a pregnant woman.

Here is what stands out in that post today and why this is essential knowledge:

“at the same token, some EMFs have shown healing properties at certain frequencies, driving RF Safe for a better understanding of electromagnetic frequencies in general and their health effects” – John Coates 1998

I can remember writing that as clear as yesterday. Still, I have never had much to say about unscientifically proven electromagnetic radiation (EMR) benefits over the last two decades on the RF SAFE website, except the occasional beware.

Sticking to a simple philosophy, EMR only does something when the EMR effects are measurable in space-time with a meter.

My view has been to save your money and stick to prayer before magic crystals when meters cannot detect the EMR difference from which these proclaimed benefits arise. If a lovely crystal resonates with you? Please enjoy it. Personally, I can’t support selling these EMR devices without a measurable reading using the best EMR detection technology available.

What makes this such an important post? 222nm EMR waves at a 1,350 THz frequency!

After spending all my life looking for this elusive safe frequency of EMR that is beneficial for humanity, a scientist at Columbia University has confirmed a 23nm band of electromagnetic radiation between 207nm-230nm is safe for human exposure and destroys viruses – to put this 222nm wavelength into perspective, the EMR waves from a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi or Bluetooth have a wavelength of 12.5cm, therefore, can penetrate the body much deeper in that range. 12.5 centimeters electromagnetic waves interact with us biologically, even if it is just an increase in temperature, as the wireless industry wants you to believe. However, 222 nanometers electromagnetic waves can not make it past the dead layer of skin cells to reach a living cell’s nucleus when exposed to a 1,350 THz frequency.

222nm EM waves at 1,350 THz are the one measurable frequency peak that studies have found safe at over 500 times current regulatory limits that can play a critical role in our pandemic response to address indoor air quality, real-time air, and surface disinfection for active personnel AP-UVGI. More importantly, don’t forget about our now ongoing #WarOnFlu against new variants of airborne coronavirus trapped circulating indoors that have been shown to stay suspended in the air for hours.

As of yesterday, 5/7/2021, the CDC changed guidance and categorical classification of the virus responsible for the pandemic.
This science brief has been updated to reflect current knowledge about SARS-CoV-2 transmission and reformatted to be more concise.
Modes of SARS-CoV-2 transmission are now categorized as inhalation of virus, deposition of virus on exposed mucous membranes, and touching mucous membranes with soiled hands contaminated with virus.
Although how we understand transmission occurs has shifted, the ways to prevent infection with this virus have not. All prevention measures that CDC recommends remain effective for these forms of transmission.

At RF Safe, one of our biggest ambitions is an upgrade in terahertz frequency wireless technology (7G now) that already exists in current shortwave Li-Fi (light data transfer) at 372nm, around 788 THz, which is only 2.22eV (photon volts) away from 222nm, or UVGi-Fi – the endgame solution.

From a technology perspective, we are very close to taming the microscopic world this way. Rather than worrying about a brain tumor from wireless radiation, you could feel confident you were destroying airborne viruses in occupied spaces.

Some big changes are coming to wireless IoT in the future based on the concept of UVGi-Fi.

NS Nanotech has upped the game with solid-state low power narrowband 219nm nanotech LED emitters becoming available this year!

We don’t have to relive 1918 over and over like Bill Murray’s ground-hogs day.

This is the equivalent of saying the first aqueduct was 2.22 feet away from completion before washing the first germs out of Rome!

Early adopters of this measurable yet invisible Far-UVC light frequency are needed now! Just as were the early adopters in Rome that had the luxury of washing the first germs away, people are needed to adopt Far-UVC lighting wherever possible for the sake of our children.

Leaving our children better prepared than 1918 isn’t a global shutdown, and 3 million deaths before a fraction globally have been vaccinated! We have the technology to create a safe EM shield surrounding our loved ones and co-workers in occupied spaces by putting this new far-UVC light to work, reducing airborne viruses!

The Far-UVC, 222nm wavelength, is energetically equipped with 5.58eV (Electron-volts) for powerful photons to sanitize air and surfaces safely. These high-energy shortwave UVC photons provide an unlimited safe chemical-free solution, abundantly available sanitizer with only a 24V DC power source required for KrCL excimer lamps rated for 60 watts and below, making these perfect in remote areas dependent on solar power.

Far-UVC lighting provides a safer, more efficient way to control airborne viruses than the loosely bound protons in flowing water, especially when clean water is scarce in many parts of the world and dependable 110v electricity can be hard to come by in these remote areas too.

This makes the Far-UVC lighting we offer today the most versatile nonpharmaceutical pandemic countermeasures in the world designed for anywhere on earth! Each Far UVC lamp comes with hardware to mount on the ceiling or wall. Depending on the retro-fit budget, some beautiful and even unnoticeable far-UVC lights can be custom-designed. Several plug-and-play ready-to-mount Far-UVC lamp models are available in 5-watt, 15-watt, 20-watt, and 60-watt filtered 222nm light assemblies. (Why Filtered 222nm? See Press Release Far-UVC Cancer Risk? Importance of Bandpass Filtered Light)

Some of you reading this can feel the effects of electromagnetic radiation at 2.4 GHz microwave exposure levels, or 0.000009925597292486 eV, which is 9.9 millionths of an electron volt, these very low energy photons with long wavelengths can travel deep into living tissues, where Far-UVC at a frequency of 1,350 THz can not. This powerful 222nm photon energy at 5.58eV uses its very high-powered photons to effectively target nanoscale-sized airborne viruses’ without using a wavelength long enough to penetrate the outermost layer of our dead skin cells or the tear layer of our eyes.


As of today, Mother’s day 2021, our best way to produce this amazing 222nm light with a peak frequency at 1,350 THz is the use of excimer lamps, which are really no different than regular lamps except the gas mixture contains no mercury (KrCL) and performs like any light bulb. Each lamp has many smart features controlled by a remote to maximize the effectiveness of the human safe 1,350 THz light.

We are here to help you understand every aspect of implementing Far-UVC light into your life! We offer calculator spreadsheets, rental meters that will be available soon, and personal guidance for you or the lighting contractor you have hired. We are in this pandemic together, and RF Safe is here to offer our extensive knowledge in electromagnetic radiation for taking a defensive approach to EMR when needed (To protect your DNA) and to teach you how to use EMR as a safe chemical free offensive approach for protecting your family (To destroy virus RNA/DNA).