RF Safe Supports Breast Cancer Awareness “No Phone Bra Zone” Cell Phone Radiation Safety

Strong anecdotal evidence of breast cancer in young women from exposure to non-ionizing levels of cell phone radiation has started a movement – The “No Phone Bra Zone”  RF Safe pledges $1 to Breast Cancer Awareness for every RF safe Pink Purse shield designed to block risk of cell phone radiation exposure.

cell phone breast cancer no phone zone
cell phone breast cancer no phone zone

It’s unfortunate that such young women have fallen victim to breast cancer  from conveniently keeping a cell phone in their bra when not in use.

“The invisible radio frequency (RF) radiation a cell phone uses to communicate with a cell phone tower falls into the spectrum called microwave radiation, in fact many Smartphone’s operate nearly on the same frequency as a microwave oven commonly used to cook food.” Said John Coates,  Founder of RF Safe www.rfsafe.com

While the wireless industry continues to claim cell phones are safe, they openly admit not to hold a cell phone in direct contact with your skin.  All cell phone users are instructed in user manuals to hold the phone away, at least 5/8 of an inch from your body with some phones.  Without keeping this distance between the cell phone and user,  microwave radiation intensity can exceed federal safety regulations set forth by SAR Specific Absorption Rate testing.

So just putting a cell phone out of sight, don’t take it out of mind. Even when not in use a cell phone is actively searching for cell phone towers to stay connected to its network using microwave radiation that can penetrate deeply into soft tissues of breast when carried in a bra or kidneys, liver, reproductive organs and even fetal development when carried in a pocket.

RF Safe pocket shields and purse shields block microwave radiation the same way as the screen in the front of a microwave oven, which deflects cell phone radiation away from cell phone users.  By simply keeping the RF shielding between the cell phone and user, the radiation is deflected away from the user.  RF Safe cell phone radiation shields are a great stocking stuffer and gift for any cell phone user.

RF Safe pocket and purse shields can serve many other functions than just protection from cell phone radiation.  There are two slots, the outer slot is designed for shielding the users body from radiation when carried in a pocket or purse. The inner slot is an rf security feature that blocks the phone from sending or receiving radiation in all directions – it blocks GPS tracking, blocks cell phone hacking through wifi or Bluetooth connectivity and it easily sends all calls to voice mail without turning  off the phone.  This inner slot is a great way to see just how effective the shielding is at blocking cell phone radiation.  Order a Pink purse shield today to get protected from cell phone radiation and raise money for breast cancer awareness.  Be RF Safe To Be Sure!

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