RF Safe Wireless Distributor Opportunities


RF Safe serves cellular dealers and agents across the globe. Known for quality products, great prices and FAST delivery, we WILL become your trustworthy distributor of cell phone safety accessories. Our goal is to help you succeed and profit from owning and running your business while providing your customers and employees the assurance they’re as safe as possible.

Our product lines consist of the newest and most innovative accessories that your cellular establishment shouldn’t be without! Our trained staff can answer any rf safety questions you ever have, keeping you miles ahead of the competition!

As cell phone users approach 6 billion globally, more and more are finding rfsafe everyday!  Our reputation for protecting wireless consumers and providing the best safety solutions has not gone unnoticed  – RF Safe has been chosen by Alternative Medicine Magazine, Wallstreet Journal, Yahoo Internet Life and many more, as the world’s most creditable cell phone safety resource! Our customers include EPA, Green Peace, Fortune 500 Companies and many thousands of others that have researched RF Hazards.