Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos Superbowl Odds Not Greater Than Cancer Risk From Cell Phone Radiation

According to RF Safe, recent studies suggest that cell phone users face huge odds that are not in their favor when it comes to being exposed to cell phone radiation. It maybe safer to bet on your health than the Broncos losing the Superbowl to the Seattle Seahawks.

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) February 02, 2014

RF Safe has a new defensive line player, a custom altered phone case that blocks phone radiation from sacking your body. Original flip case covers for all popular smart phones are lined with performance grade microwave shielding fabric. By maintaining close defensive coverage against a cell phone by shielding only the flip cover over the screen, a deflective barrier that radiation from a cell phone cannot penetrate provides the best protection to greatly reduce the odds of health being adversely affected by cell phone radiation exposure.

John Coates, RF Safe’s Founder said Superbowl fans on both sides can be winners with a simple goal to use phone radiation safety. Creating a game plan for cell phone safety is easier than most people think.     With RF Safe’s protective flip cases there is no need to worry radiation the next time you pick up or pass your cell phone off to your children for a quick call.

radiation shielded flip case samsung galaxy s3 is so kewl it gets a selfie
radiation shielded flip case samsung galaxy s3 is so kewl it gets a selfie

RF (Radio Frequency) Radiation passes right through most all non conductive materials unimpeded until being either reflected or its electromagnetic energy is absorbed. RF Safe smart phone flip cover cases contain special shielding material that deflects radiation so a phone users body absorbs much less microwave frequency energy radiating from the cell phone when shielding is kept between the device and user.

It’s a safe bet to assume if there are health hazards from exposure to cell phone radiation, the odds of being injured are greatly reduced when users limit RF exposure to wireless devices that emit microwave radiation.

RF Safe’s flip case screen covers are the easiest to use and largest piece of shielding protection available inside a phone case, and only available from RF Safe. Nowhere else on the market worldwide can cell phone users attain this level of cell phone radiation protection.

Football fans all over the world that want the best protection to shield cell phone radiation are in luck because RF Safe ships orders from globally so people everywhere can get the best protection.

So here is a 2 point RF Safety tip so everyone can be on the winning side of the cell phone radiation safety scoreboard.

1)    Use an RF Safe air tube headset whenever possible. This is perfect when speaker phone or texting isn’t an option.

2)    Use an RF Safe Shielded Flip Case Cover. Perfect for Galaxy, Note and iPhone smartphones. Whenever the phone is held near the body, no matter in a pocket/purse or next to your in ear while having a conversation – the shielded flip keeps a deflective shield the size of the phone between the user and phone.

It’s recommended by RF Safe for maximum protection and coverage both 2 point safety tips should be used together.

Each and every cell phone user, that’s almost 2/3 of the planet that has a cell phone – Must be their own referee when it comes to replaying the facts about the possible health hazards that come along with using a cell phone and the best ways to use it safely. To learn more on the topics of many potential hazards linked to cell phones and the best cell phone flip cases that shield cell phone radiation from really smart phone users, visit