No Surprise! FCC’s Inquiry Into Cell Phone Radiation Favors Wireless Corporations

The FCC has deemed when it comes to exposure to cell phone radiation your ears aren’t part of your body anymore.

cellphone radiation-burning ear

If we go back to June, 2012, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced it was reviewing its rules on radiation exposure from cell phones.  The FCC’s current Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) limits were set over 18 years ago, in 1996.

Six other countries, by default through little research of their own, have always trusted U.S. FCC safety standards; including Canada, Taiwan, New Zealand, South Korea, Bolivia, and recently, India.  These countries are waking up to the fact that American controls over cell phone radiation have been badly corrupted and not to be trusted.

Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig has brought it to everyone’s attention; the revolving door through which government officials exit to become lobbyists, and lobbyists enter to become government officials. The close ties between wireless industry and Federal Communications Commission has proven that this phenomenon is quite real

Regulators assigned to protect the public are being led by former executives from the industries they’re supposed to regulate and industry groups are being led by their former regulators, sounds like it should be the stuff of fiction.    Just to sum it up, the top wireless lobby groups in the US are led by a former FCC chairman and former FCC commissioner.  While right NOW, the FCC itself is led by Tom Wheeler, who formerly led the most influential cable and wireless lobby groups over almost the last 2 decades.

No mistake about it, President Barack Obama put a “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” when he appointed the former chief lobbyist for the wireless industry to chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which regulates the safety of wireless devices.

With such a conflict of interest at the FCC, there is no surprise they’re not lowering SAR thresholds as is advised by doctors and scientists — though they are making a few smaller changes favoring wireless industry that no-one seems to notice, like stating that your ear is now considered an “extremity” and is now able to absorb more radiation without running afoul of FCC rules.

Ears get Removed from SAR Guidelines,  Eyes Still Overlooked! strong point to validate that SAR testing is not adequate for judging a cell phone users safety.

See: Cell Phone Radiation On Eyes

With SAR testing, dummy heads are filled with solutions to simulate brain conductivity and probed to measure depth and intensity. Amazingly enough regulatory agencies have not deemed it necessary to measure exposure to eyes.  Eye’s are unprotected by the skull and comprised of cells that are extremely sensitive to electromagnetic energy.

The eyes are particularly vulnerable to heating effects from radio waves because they lack the higher blood-flow the brain has which rapidly cools brain tissue heated by microwave radiation.

It has been proven ROS occurs in 92% of the studies which addressed exposure to RF radiation well under the threshold upheld currently by the FCC.  This non thermal mechanism for DNA damage from so-called safe levels of cellphone radiation exposure can’t be denied.

Eyes appear to be at considerable risk from oxidative stress.  A great deal of research indicates that dysfunctional mitochondria are the primary site of reactive oxygen species (ROS).  Mitochondria are also the major target of ROS.  More than 95% of O2 produced during normal metabolism is generated by the electron transport chain in the inner mitochondrial membrane.

Cataracts result from the deposition of aggregated proteins in the eye lens and lens fiber cell plasma membrane damage, which causes clouding of the lens, light scattering, and obstruction of vision. ROS-induced damage in the lens caused by oxidation of proteins.  Cataract formation, the opacification of the eye lens, is one of the leading causes of human blindness worldwide, accounting for 47.8% of all causes of blindness.

Eyes and Ears Aside – See Reported Biological Effects From Non-Ionizing Radio-frequency Radiation at Safe FCC Exposure Levels

The following studies indicate biological effects at cell phone rf radiation exposure levels which are far below what can be explained by “thermal effects”, and well within the range people are commonly exposed to every day on their cell phones.

Studies by Increasing Power Density

Studies by Increasing Specific Absorption Rate

Standards and Background Levels

Listing of Full Citations


FCC Approved SAR Testing Doesn’t Account For Children Being At Higher Risk To Cell Phone Radiation Dangers

These are numerous reasons that you as a parent should be aware of:

  1. Children have thinner skull bones, which allow for greater penetration of cell phone radiation. Radiation can enter all the way into their mid-brain, where tumors are more deadly.
  2. Children’s cells reproduce more quickly, so they’re more susceptible to aggressive growth of mutated cells.
  3. Their brains have higher percentage of fluid, allowing for greater absorption of radiation.
  4. Children’s immune systems are also not as well-developed, which make them more vulnerable
  5. They face a far greater lifetime exposure than adults



Don’t be mislead by a common misconception started in the 90′s that wired headsets, like the headset that came with your cell phone is a safe alternative to placing a phone to your head.   This is simply not true, ordinary headsets use a wire to deliver sound to an electronic earpiece that can deliver electromagnetic radiation into your head directly through your ear canal.


RF Safe headsets are an excellent, high quality-sounding product that delivers fantastic sound quality while eliminating the harmful radiation from reaching the brain. RF Safe Headsets allow users to enjoy listening music without electric components inside the ears – for completely safe radiation free sound only acoustic technology can deliver.

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Test have confirmed that wires used with ordinary headsets allow potentially harmful radiation to reach the brain of cellphone users. This potential radiation hazard is avoided when RF Safe headsets are used.

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