Wall Street Journal Reports On Berkeley Cell Phone Radiation Ordinance

Right to Know

Berkeley’s Cell Phone Ordinance

If you haven’t already heard Berkeley, California is in court defending it’s unanimous decision 0-9 which passed an ordinance warning cell phone users that wireless radiation from smartphones, in a pocket or bra, could be very harmful to them, and potentially more harmful to our children as many studies have suggested.

Of course the wireless trade group CTIA pushed this ordinance into court immediately to defend their trillion dollar industry.   This is the warning the wireless industry is spending a fortune to hide from you!

berkeley-cell-phone-warning-is-lawBerkeley’s Right to Know Ordinance was wrongfully forced to be altered by Judge Edward Chen when he ruled to remove an explicit warning about potential greater health hazards for children — despite mounting evidence proving Berkeley’s original statement to be 100% factual regarding these risk to children, U.S. District Judge Edward Chen of San Francisco made this decision to endanger the lives of your children on August 6th, 2015.


It’s ridiculous to think that the warning is allowed to say that it can have health effects for you and me, and then not pose a greater harm to children.  With SAR testing being a joke to begin with, the public’s lack of knowledge about SAR Levels and minimum separation distance endangers millions, if not billions, by not warning parents about the harmful effects of EMF/RF radiation.

[pullquote] Judge Chen States,
“Unless the Court were to find that the FCC guidelines themselves are scientifically baseless and hence irrational – which no one has asked this Court to do – the mandated notice here, being predicated on the FCC’s guidelines, is reasonably related to a legitimate governmental interest.”[/pullquote]

Considering the fact that SAR testing is done using a simulation of a 200 pound 6ft male, maybe someone should suggest the court do further testing into the health effects to young children, unborn babies and their mothers..

Meanwhile.. In Italy and Israel

In Italy and in Israel the government is making laws and campaigns on bringing awareness to cell phone radiation and linked health effects.

The Israeli Ministry of Health has found in recent studies that in the case of 10 mobile phones, the phones’ transmitting powers ranged from 1% to 100% of the maximum rated power. The measured SAR exceeded the SAR declared by the manufacturer, when the phone was held close to the head and in bad reception mode.

We Need Real Research?

This right here is enough to make us question our own government testing, that is funded by the same wireless industry paying for the studies. It’s very frustrating to think that we are allowing this to happen, with no further questions.

Berkeley is not trying to start a war with the CTIA, but prevent casualties resulting from uninformed consumers about the risk of cell phone use and RF radiation exposure.
This ordinance is giving you the same warning a cigarette pack gives, it’s still the parents’ choice as to how they protect their child. Whether it’s quitting smoking or smoking outside, the warning allows for precautions to be taken. Which is a right any parent and person should have, it is a simple warning.

Tom Olson states he still expects the warning to be struck down, but with RF safety awareness growing in other parts of the world we hope America will catch on.

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