Better Call Saul Brother Chuck McGill Suffers From RF Radiation (EHS) Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

[pullquote]When you learn the true story of how wireless microwave radiation took the life of Jimmy Gonzalez, a brilliant Florida Attorney who in real life lost his battle with three different cell phone induced cancers on November 27, 2014 –RIP Jimmy — Chuck McGill doesn’t sound crazy anymore.[/pullquote]

Better Call Saul Chuck McGill Suffers Instant Pain From Cell Phone Radiation

A hot new topic of confusion has exploded on Twitter over the AMC premiere of Better Call  Saul #bettercallsaul

Now what has people talking is the unusual medical condition that has inflicted Chuck McGill — Saul’s older and much more successful brother.

According to Vince Gilligan on the Better Call Saul Insider podcast, Chuck is “allergic” to electricity.  Gilligan explains that EHS is a real ailment! As in, it was not made up for the show — no more than meth was made up for the Breaking Bad series!

So there’s the answer, everybody.  Vince Gilligan has gone on record that the mystery illness is EHS, so that’s pretty much that.  Chuck McGill’s suffers from a real illness which affects more lives than meth addiction.  Meth dealers and addicts combined only account for 0.3 percent of the population as compared 3 to 6 percent of the population is currently suffering ongoing health issues from even acute exposure to potentially deadly electromagnetic radiation.

Most media reviewing the show simply blow off Chuck’s debilitating condition as some-kind of strange, psycho-physical mental problem.

However, it isn’t a psycho-physical mental condition as media so quickly wants audiences of the AMC show to believe.   RF Radiation (EHS) Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is very real!

Before getting into the facts behind EHS, as declared by (WHO) the World Health Organization.  If they are correct in their claims that a minimum of 3% of the world’s population may suffer from mild to serve sensitivity to different frequency modulations within the EMF, ELF and microwave radiation spectrum.

What this really means is that it is very possible that a staggering 207,000 viewers (3 percent  of 6.9 million viewers) completely relate to the struggles of EHS that Chuck McGill’s roll portrays on Better Call Saul.

It’s no wonder the birthplace of today’s wireless age, Sweden is the only country in the world to recognize EHS as a functional impairment.  It was the TRUE EHS story behind Per Segerbäck’s illness, an elite telecommunications engineer who worked for a division of the Swedish telecom giant Ericsson — which provided critical insight that has been important in creating governmental policy to address the condition of EHS as a real GROWING health concern among its population.

Swedish EHS sufferers — about 3 percent of the population, or some 250,000 people, according to government statistics — are entitled to similar rights and social services as those given to people who are blind or deaf.  Today, local Swedish governments will pay to have the home of someone diagnosed with EHS electronically “sanitized,” if necessary, through the installation of metal shielding.

Ericsson isn’t the only telecom giant to coverup health effects inflecting its engineers and executives.  Nokia’s former chief technology officer (CTO), Matti Niemelä spent 10 years developing technology used in your beloved Smartphone devices before he fell ill as a result of exceptionally high levels of accumulative exposure to cell phone radiation as well.   Now he’s warning consumers about the health hazards attributed to microwave radiation absorption – it’s to late for him, but it might not be too late for you or your loved-ones! Read Matti Niemelä Story Here

Most people don’t know that the frequencies used in a microwave oven are also commonly used in most consumer wireless devices –  The only difference between the microwave you cook food with and the non ionizing microwave radiation coming from Smartphones, Baby monitors and WiFi routers is the wattage. (See Video Test Results – Radiation from Phone vs Microwave Oven)

Better Call Saul Chuck McGill Tosses Cell Phone Out of House
Better Call Saul Chuck McGill Tosses Cell Phone Out of House

EHS inflects susceptibility groups similar to how particular groups are more susceptible to allergens such as pollen or bee stings.  After reading this through, I think you will agree that Chuck McGill suffering from EHS might give him an advantage to out living his younger brother Saul along with the other partners of his law-firm!

After you learn the TRUE SYORY of how wireless microwave radiation took the life of Jimmy Gonzalez, a brilliant Attorney who lost his battle with three different cell phone induced cancers on November 27, 2014Chuck McGill doesn’t sound so crazy anymore.

Alright back to the show, when visitors come to Chuck McGill’s house, they must “ground” themselves and put their cell phones in the mailbox outside.   As crazy as this seems, putting a cell phone inside a mailbox is backed by physics with an explanation as to why such a strange ritual can help someone actually suffering from severe EHS.

It’s called a Faraday cage, named after its discoverer, Michael Faraday who in 1831 discovered the principle of magnetic induction, and in 1836 described the Faraday Cage in his diary.

So is Chuck McGill crazy or just crazy smart when it comes to avoiding harmful man-made RF/EMF at unnatural frequencies? When Chuck McGill demands that all cell phones are put in his metal mailbox, the metal acts as a  Faraday cage which now surrounds any microwave radio frequency transmitters placed inside.  It is the exact same concept used within the cooking cavity of a microwave oven so that microwave radiation doesn’t escape to harm anyone standing in the kitchen.

Chuck McGill Space Blanket Blocks Microwave Radiation
Chuck McGill Space Blanket Blocks Microwave Radiation

The symptoms that only a select few can feel is a direct a result of a toxic man-made RF Radiation environment — which is responsible for much more than phobias — pain, misery and death aren’t excluded.

The most common range of complaints from EHS sufferers include headaches, itchy skin to blurred vision and heart palpitations.

At one point Chuck tries to protect himself from microwave radiation by wrapping himself in a metallic “space blanket” because Jimmy had the cell phone indoors. Jimmy insists he take the blanket off, and he does.

Chuck looks pained to do so, his hands shake, and he looks itchy and uncomfortable. His “space blanket” is likely made of a fabric that contains silver threads designed to deflect microwave radiation — This same principle of deflecting radiation is used in RF Safe anti radiation phone cases to deflect line-of-sight radiation from the front of a Smartphone.

Watch The Video Below To Learn How Cell Phone Radiation DOES Kill You!

The Real Life Attorney Jimmy Speaking About His Battle – Jimmy vs Cell Phone Induced Cancer.

Nov, 27th 2014 In Memory of the real life Attorney Jimmy whose life was taken from exposure to microwave radiation  – PLEASE SHARE!

Based upon the presentation shown below, Pembroke Pines in Florida joined a handful of other US cities in adopting a resolution that warns the public about the potential health effects of cell phone radiation and precautionary safety measures that should be taken.

South Florida Attorney Jimmy Gonzalez testifies in front of the Pembroke Pines Fl Commission regarding the dangers of cell phone use and how using his cellphone for a period of 10 years for well over 30 minutes a day caused cancer to appear in the very spots on his body only where his cell phone was heavily used.

Mr. Gonzalez died in November 2014 at the age of 42.  His passionate presentation from October 2012, however, lives on.  May it help save lives.

Notable Quotes from Attorney Jimmy Gonzalez

“Cell phones cause cancer.”

“It should become crystal clear that cell phones do cause cancer and that the American people are not being properly warned about cell phones.”

“… do whatever it takes to warn everybody about keeping cell phones away from their bodies.”


2 thoughts on “Better Call Saul Brother Chuck McGill Suffers From RF Radiation (EHS) Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

  1. Angel C. says:

    I find it disheartening that the media so easily dismisses Chuck McGill’s condition as a mere mental problem. EHS is a very real and debilitating illness that affects a significant percentage of the population. The fact that Chuck’s struggle with EHS on Better Call Saul resonates with so many viewers only highlights the urgent need for more awareness and concern around the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. The warning from the Canadian MP about the health risks of cell phone radiation only reinforces this need for caution, and it is my hope that more people take this issue seriously before they too suffer from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

    • Grace H. says:

      Dear Angel C,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the portrayal of EHS on Better Call Saul. I couldn’t agree more that it is unfortunate how the media disregards the struggles of those who suffer from EHS, often dismissing it as a purely psychological problem. I can attest that EHS is a very real and physically debilitating illness that affects a significant portion of the population.

      It is heartening, however, that the show has brought more attention to this issue and helped raise awareness of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. With the countless devices that emit radiation in our daily lives, it is crucial that we take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves from its harmful effects. the warning from the Canadian MP about the health risks of cell phone radiation is a wake-up call for all of us.

      At the same time, it is also important to recognize that EHS is not yet fully understood, and more research is needed to better understand its causes and potential treatments. I would encourage anyone experiencing symptoms of EHS to seek medical attention and explore various ways to mitigate their exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

      Thank you again for bringing attention to this important issue, and I hope that the discussion around EHS continues to grow and evolve.


      Grace H.

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